Jan. 9, 2021, 9:38 p.m.

We work together so well!

“Don’t apologize!” he laughed. “I agree, this creates some really neat opportunities. A study abroad-slash-research project would be cool.” While he had international origins, Anssi couldn’t really consider himself to be studying abroad at RMI, since his permanent address by all legal counts was now in Texas. He’d heard that the school did offer some study abroad opportunities, in the form of exchanges to other schools in the International Wizarding… what did the C stand for? Something, Education? Schools that RMI was associated with, anyways. It wasn’t really worth thinking about at this point, though. Even if there had been schools in locations that appealed to him, and even if he didn’t enjoy studying at RMI enough to consider trying somewhere new, he was already nearing the end of his sixth year. To go on an exchange in his final year seemed redundant when he could just travel after graduation, or even apply to university abroad.

(It wasn’t the first time the idea of going to university abroad had occurred to him - American tuition was ridiculous, and as he held joint Finnish & Swedish citizenship, he could practically study for free in either country. But he had no idea what he wanted to study, so he hadn’t thought about it too intensively. Was this a problem? Maybe, considering Remy had been talking about universities for at least the past year, but it wasn’t a problem for right now.)

“Nej, they don’t,” he answered her question. “My parents aren’t magic users, and my siblings, well, maybe they used to? They both went to Durmstrang before we moved here, and I have no idea what language Durmstrang teaches in. But I’ve never seen them do spells in Swedish. Ruben just does a lot of silent-” Anssi made a fist with his free hand and waved it in a vaguely stabbing gesture “-and Dagny prefers nonverbal stuff too. Although,” he suddenly realized, blue eyes widening, “I think she said dammsugare when we were cleaning up and getting ready for our trip last summer. But that’s a noun, so maybe it wouldn’t work for a spell as well as a verb would? She might have just been narrating or something. Dammsugare is the word for vacuum,” Anssi explained. He then paused and added, “It’s also a type of pastry. Really good one, too. A bit alcoholic. I’m not sure why they share a name.

“And now I’m rambling!” the blonde concluded, flashing a rueful grin. “Do you know any Spanish words you want to try? I could also teach you some Swedish, or Finnish, but I’m not sure if you need to understand the language in order to use it… though I guess this is a good time to experiment.”

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