Remington Burnham

Jan. 10, 2021, 9:36 a.m.

Yes! We're quite a pair

Anssi was one of the sweetest people at Rocky Mountain International. He always stood by his friends and was fun to talk to. She never felt judged by Anssi in moments like this, where she’d just anxiously rambled at him about basically nothing. It was weird to think about going to college without her friends. Random study sessions with Anssi in the Draco common room always became a highlight of her week. Yes, she could visit everyone on Pearl Street next year, but she wished RMI made it easier to come and see friends and family on campus.

Anyway, she didn’t want to focus on graduating and leaving everyone behind. It wasn’t her fault that she was a year ahead of everyone.

Remington tried to think back to what she’d read about Durmstrang when Ruben was helping with Self-Defense Club - the reasons why she researched a school she never planned to attend weren’t important - but she couldn’t think of any mentions of language. The school’s preference for Dark Arts and intense prejudice against Muggleborns, sure, but there wasn’t anything about what language they used that she could remember.

She laughed when Anssi demonstrated Ruben’s typical spellcasting form. “Yup, that seems pretty accurate.” She’d started to be able to do a few wandless and nonverbal spells here and there; part of her wondered if part of success with that level of magic relied on a signature, an aesthetic. Ruben clearly did his spellwork in a Ruben Way, which Anssi had emulated perfectly. Maybe she needed to develop her own kind of flair to see more success in nonverbal, wandless magic?

Even thinking it felt silly. Never mind.

The vacuum/cookie thing was really interesting, and she almost wanted to ask questions about the cookies, but then Anssi realized he had been rambling too. What a pair they were. “I’d love to try some Swedish!” Remington said with a bright smile. “We should totally experiment. Like, how much does language truly outweigh intent? We could try the vacuum word - but I don’t know if it would be a cleaning spell or conjure cookies.”

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