Rhiannon Taren

Jan. 10, 2021, 10:54 a.m.

Oh yes you are

As soon as Professor McKindy explained the lesson (well, as soon as Rhiannon had gotten past the fact that Professor McKindy had actually used slang in a lesson and a spell) she was on the lookout for a partner. She didn’t want to work with Dmitry obviously, since they’d already experienced some of the problems surrounding communication Rhia didn’t want to make him feel any more superior than he probably already did. Since that first lesson they’d worked together, their interactions had largely been limited to some glaring and, on Rhiannon’s part at least, a fair amount of complaining in Paola’s direction. Rhia was lucky to have such an intelligent roommate, considering what the rest of the school was like especially.

Once McKindy released them to go find their partners, Rhia made a beeline for the closest Australian. She didn’t see Paige, but she did see Joey, and he would do. Rhia liked Paige - she thought, anyway - even though the girl seemed a little slow. But that could have just been the fact that she didn’t use normal people words. Which was precisely the point of this lesson. Yes, an Australian would do nicely.

Her expression was very intense (and perhaps slightly predatory, insofar as much as a twelve year old girl could manage predatory) as she descended upon Joey.

“Excellent,” she said with an unnerving smile. “You’re the perfect partner. Let’s work together. Your language is exactly what I want.”

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