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And a better pair than some of these words...

”Or just conjure vacuums,” he suggested with a laugh. Glancing around the room, Anssi couldn’t see any areas that stood out to him as vacuum-able, and voiced this. ”I’m guessing the house elves keep things clean enough already that there isn’t much dust to clean up, though. And would you be able to conjure dammsugare without knowing what it is? I could draw a picture, but still...” To look at a picture wouldn’t give her any idea of the flavour, or smell, or even the size, really. Most of the time when they did conjurations in class, it was using familiar things that he could easily visualize. And he could try conjuring dammsugare to show her, but that seemed to defeat the point of this experiment.

”Maybe we should try a different word.” But what word to pick? There were some well-known Swedish words, like gift, but he wasn’t sure how that would translate in spellcasting - it meant either the concept of marriage or literally just poison. (This was an irony that both amused and deeply concerned Anssi; to him it seemed that whoever had first started using gift to mean both things must have had a very negative experience with relationships. It was pretty foreboding for his own dating attempts.)

Bypssing that idea, he tried to come up with something less morbid. ”Maybe blåklocka,” he thought out loud. ”It’s the name for bluebells, the flower, but in slang it also means a black eye. Though I can understand if you don’t want to risk giving me a black eye,” Anssi acknowledged. He was still grinning and his tone of voice was pretty light; he’d seen Ruben with enough injuries over the years to know that black eyes weren’t really a big deal, and if Remy wanted to try this word, he didn’t mind the risk. It’d also be kind of neat if she tried to conjure flowers and the word just went back to its compound origins - blåklocka coming from ’blue clock’.

”Or for another option, you could try låga,” he added suddenly as it occurred to him. ”It can mean either a flame, en låga, or when a person feels low, jag är låga - emotionally low, I mean, like a bit depressed. So you could try making fire or changing my mood.” There was a subtle change in pronunciation depending how you used the word, but it was easily missed and depended more on context, so intention would really make the most difference... well, hopefully, if they were on the right track!

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