Jan. 10, 2021, 3:05 p.m.

...what if I don't want to be

The firstie was making eyes at him - not in the way Jarrett made eyes at Emilia or Gene at Norah (at least he assumed there were some kinda eyes for the second end, since Gene said they were dating, but that was a ways off and he hadn’t really seen ‘em together more than norm so who even got it). Whatever, these were still berk eyes. It sorta reminded him of the way Mum stared at Dad when she was tryna drop hints that it was his turn on dish roll - except there were defs no chores he owed Rhia.

He didn’t know heaps about the younger Draco, but he knew enough from crossing tracks in the dorms that she was a proper bookish sort, and cordin’ to Paige she was nice but so scared of bees she shoulda been packing darkies outdoors. He figured that was less relevant here, unless he like, magicked up a swarm of buzzers, which seemed like a shite idea in gen and especially in the middle of class. Nope, books were the relevant bit, and clearly she’d been reading the wrong books if she thought he spoke another language.

Joey raised a brow at her. (Or tried to, except two went up. Normally two brows up woulda made anyone look surprised but in Joey’s case, his overgrown shaggy black hair hid it well, so he just came off pretty normal. In sum it was not effective.) “Strayan’s a dialect, not its own lang,” he corrected her. “But… okay, so uh, didja have somethin’ set in mind here? Ya want me to yeet it the Aussie way?” If she wanted to work with him for whatever reason, he wasn’t gonna argue. He had enough intense females in his life to know not to push back. And he did need a partner, even if this was givin’ him a bit of a crook vibe. It felt kinda weird treating a firstie as the boss here but also she was obvs too deep into it, and Joey wasn’t the competitive type, so, whatever.

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