Fernando Reyes

Jan. 24, 2021, 10:13 p.m.

I Just Want to Say, I Feel Poggers in This Chili's Tonight

This was exactly what Nando wanted. Since he joined RMI, the Lyra was on the prowl for a bilingual professor or at least someone who knew enough linguistics to listen to his inquiries about magic in Spanish. Carajo, "inquiries". I sound like Mami. Nando didn't really think of himself as someone who was particularly smart; even though his parents forced him to read (*sigh* and analyze) boring books that were supposed to help him "grow up" and "develop empathy", he always figured everybody's parents did that. So, when he learned that the people he thought were smart had no idea about spell modifiers and experimentation, it made him scared he was being a nerd. I mean. He kinda was, but like the cool type of nerd- you know the typical Stranger Kids sorta retro-OHMYGOD.

Professor McKindy yeeted an eraser which almost hit Nando who had started to daydream instead of actually paying attention to the linguistics lesson. He yeeted it. Yeet. Eyes wide, he suddenly started paying the most attention he had all year, or to be honest for the first time in his life. He yeeted it. Yeet. Immediately the room was a burst of activity, with students yelling all sorts of memes and Gen-Z words that would confuse any Boomers within a ten-mile radius. Not paying attention, Nando paired up with a random student, by which he meant he sat down and immediately ignored them.

What words could Nando do? Spanish words were coming left and right, but what sort of #CoolKid would he be if he didn't also immediately start saying dumb crap. There was wig, or maybe dab? WAIT NO-

Fernando looked down at a piece of paper, pulled out his wand, and with the strength of ten-thousand gamers, emoted "pog-CHAMP!" At first nothing happened, but slowly the blue lines on his wide-rule paper transfigured itself into the smallest of pogchamps (approximately a few centimeters). He went apeshit.

Not being able to feel but pure, uncut euphoria in that moment, he heard a "Thot!" come from his side. Oh yea, his partner. Proudly, he held up the paper and in the most annoying little brother voice he could muster, said "Dank meme bruh, may I offer you this pogchamp in these trying times?"

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