Jan. 30, 2021, 12:29 p.m.

Hail Aaron

So Kobe was a unique name of only one person, and all Muggle sports apparently had the same name. Dmitry had already heard about foot-ball, but now there was also fuse-ball, basket-ball... Surely there were more Muggles existing than types of balls, so why wouldn’t Muggle names also repeat? If Kobe was a famous sports athlete, there had to be babies named after him. Muggles were different from wizards in a lot of ways, but he thought that sports fans probably all had some things in common. (There were babies named after the captain of the Grodzisk Goblins. His uncle/cousin Kašpar didn’t have any babies named after him yet and sometimes he joked that once he was a famous Beater, baby namesakes would be proof of it. His aunt/cousin Kejan said that was stupid, but she didn’t even like Quidditch, so it didn’t matter much.)

He liked working with Tycho, but every time he got a little more confused. That was okay, though. Being confused was step one of learning interesting things, and right now he was learning something very interesting, which was that Tycho could make the quill move away just by shouting goodbye at it. The older student seemed to find this hilarious and even though he didn’t really understand it, Dmitry couldn’t help himself from laughing along too.

“That was good!” he complimented Tycho, grinning widely before trying to repeat it. “Fe-lee-sha is also a name?” Briefly, he wondered if Russian or Ukrainain slang also made use of names. He didn’t even know how to find out! Maybe Alyona would tell him, if he asked politely enough. Dmitry had never minded using formal language at home - it was all they ever used - but he was a little annoyed by it now that his lack of knowledge was inconvenient. Maybe he could just try using regular words instead of slang? But that was boring. “Davay,” he tried anyways, flicking his wand at the quill, and it wobbily floated up. He didn’t trust it to make it to the desk and grabbed it once it was within reach. “Can you teach me more English words?” He scooted his chair closer to Tycho hopefully. “It sounds funner. And maybe this is helpful now that I am living here, da?”

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