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Jan. 2, 2020, 10:39 a.m.

Trick Or Treat! [Spellwork - ALL YEARS]

Aaron and his husband had started the day off with a letter from Madeleine, a trend both hilarious and endearing that had started the moment Madeleine had realized that her rooommate, Pippa, got to write letters to her family. So every so often, the men started off their day over the breakfast table with a letter from Madeleine detailing her most recent adventures. In what was a relief to both Aaron and Garen, their daughter had managed to get wrapped up enough in classes that she hadn’t (yet) coordinated a mutiny against the Headmaster. Her fondness for Rob Hier as a professor was a little concerning - both staff members remembered, with a cringe, the Potions professor’s own time as a student - but nothing had come of it. Although there was a mental ‘yet’ attached to that one too.

He was pretty sure that Madeleine was going to love today’s Spellwork lesson. It was only a week and a half until Halloween, so Aaron had done some bargaining and scheduled Spellwork today for a time when most of the students in the school would be able to attend at the same time. Aaron enjoyed making mixed-age classes. It was only something he did a handful of times in the year, but he thought that it was a really productive opportunity for younger students to get to know upperclassmen. Many of the upperclassmen seemed to enjoy the opportunity to mentor (or show off for) the younger years, too. Plus, today’s lesson was just fun.

In the practical lab, there were all the ingredients that anyone would need to make a variety of Halloween treats. There were supplies for sugar cookies with seasonal cookie cutters, icing, and sprinkles. There were apples with little caramel squares to melt down and dip them in, and a container full of unpopped popcorn kernels for caramel corn. Finally, Aaron had supplied a bowl full of chunks of pre-cooked cake that could be molded into whatever spooky shapes were desired. And just because it was Halloween, there were two bags full of candy corn on the ingredients table too. The Spellwork professor wasn’t entirely sure why some people enjoyed eating plastic that tasted like food coloring, but some people did, in fact, enjoy that.

He’d thought that he’d given himself more time to prepare, but just as Aaron set out the last pile of mixing bowls, the first of the students began to wander in. The practical lab was big enough to hold all the students in the school, but Aaron had needed to conjure extra tables and chairs. It would be cramped and everyone would have someone sitting next to them at their table, but it would work.

Aaron walked back up to the front of the room where he’d Transfigured the lectern into a desk, and seat down while the rest of the students arrived. For those of his Beginner class who hadn’t paid attention to the announcement posted in the Commonrooms, the packed classroom was probably something of a surprise - this was their regularly scheduled class time. The rest of the school was used to Aaron’s occasionally chaotic large group lessons by now, though. Once everyone had arrived, Aaron stood and walked to the center of the room, patiently waiting for it to be quiet enough for him to start talking. As he waited, the orange bats on his black robes fluttered around madly, as though calling for the students’ attention themselves.

“Good morning!” he called, once he was sure that he would be heard by at least some of the congregated students. “Good morning,” he said again, once the rest of them had quieted down. Finally, silence fell. Aaron smiled at them, then went on.

“Today is going to be less of a teaching class, and more of a doing class,” he said. “I will be here to help you, of course, but I’m going to ask that you look to your fellow students before coming to me.

“It’s almost Halloween, so we’re going to be making and decorating Halloween treats. It is,” Aaron waited a moment for the chattering that had erupted to die down, “however, still a Spellwork class so I fully intend for you to use the skills you’ve learned so far to make your treats as magical as they are delicious.

“There are ingredients for caramel apples, caramel corn, and cookies for you to make and decorate. There are also some cake fragments, should you choose to make cake pops or something similar. If you’re planning to make and decorate cookies, once you’ve mixed your dough and cut it into pieces, you can come up here and use this Quik-Bake Oven,” Aaron gestured at the little machine, spelled to bake anything to perfection in seconds, which he had placed neatly on the desk. “I know that most of you have seen my cookies,” winking iguana cookies were one of his specialties, “so that should give you some idea of what kind of magic you can use on your treats to give them an extra, ah, sparkle.”

Aaron was sure that the students would come up with something. Even the first years knew enough by now to be able to make the sprinkles on a cookie change color, and some of the older students could probably even manage to make the wings of a cookie bat flap, or change the flavor of the caramel corn, or any number of other things.

“If you need inspiration, there are some magical cookbooks on the back counter. Please work in groups of two, and older students,” Aaron waited again - the students had started to chatter their way into groups as soon as he’d said the word ‘groups’ - “please make sure you are working with a younger student, when possible.

“The most creative Halloween treats will win Honeydukes chocolate for both students on the team, and of course you may take your creations with you at the end of class.” Aaron was going to invite any questions to be voiced, but the students had started talking again after he had specified that older students should work with younger ones, and he didn’t really feel like yelling over the entire student body, relatively small though it might be.

Sure that the students would ask questions if needed, Aaron sat back down at the desk and pulled out one of his books on theoretical charms to read while waiting for the first inevitable explosion of the class period.

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