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What is Boppin' Mi Gente

Okay, that was an unexpected response from his partner. When Nando came to a school primarily for wizards, he imagined a scenario where many tall, white-bearded teachers would teach him personal lessons about ancient magic rituals. As for the students, he expected stuffy magical sidekicks that would need to learn how to have fun through the power of friendship and classic rock music. He had not expected his classmates to: a) know what a pogchamp was, b) know what "no cap" meant, c) be a pretty girl. He suddenly felt embarrassingly childish, which came out as a shy, sheepish grin. He couldn't help but notice how his partner's red hair bounced a bit when she talked. Oh. Of course, she didn't know who he was, being the mid-semester transfer student had its perks.

"Nando Reyes. Fernando if you want to catch these hands- wait catch these hands would be a GREAT spell!" Scribbling it down in his notes, his classmate began speaking about vibe-checking people which was one of the funniest things that he had heard since coming to this school. In big letters, he also wrote VIBE CHECK in his notes for future shenaniginazing. What the girl was saying made sense, so being one to impress he pulled out his wand again.

"We should definitely try it with different inflictions. How about you cast it by enunciating the vibe, and I'll enunciate the check. That's what I did with the pogchamp-" Another small pogchamp appearified on his paper. "And I think it would be worth a try. I want to try cast "catch these hands" next, maybe "dab" ( as a counterspell to eff with your opponent's line of sight. OH that reminds me, did you know you can use Lumos (The tip of his wand lit up.) to flashbang people? Have you heard of Maxima and Minimo yet?" Unknowingly, small sparks kept emitting from his wand as he kept on saying spells as he was holding on to it. Nando didn't even notice he was casting magic.

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