Jan. 31, 2021, 3:53 p.m.

Yes, same here.

"I'm Malachi, but you can just call me Mal," the Draco introduced himself. A small smile spread on his face and he pushed up his sleeves (because no, even though Mama had taught him multiple times how to roll his cuffs, he still could not do it). "It's nice to meet you, Paola. And that's pretty cool--I speak fluent Spanish. I was a transfer student a few years ago."

He'd seen Paola around in the common room, but Mal wasn't much of a talker anyway, and hadn't really thought to introduce himself before. Plus, he kind of kept to himself as it was. "Before I transferred here, I still used most of the Latin incantations. So I don't really know anything specifically Spanish in terms of spell casting. You have any ideas on Arabic?"

Silently, Mal wondered if a language change really would have an effect on the performance of a spell. Theoretically, the more you used the new incantation and the more force you put behind it, it should work as expected. He wondered what students at Mahoutokoro were taught. "What do you think the language barrier would do to the spells? Honestly, once you get used to it, it might result in the same way. It's all a matter of what we're taught, in my opinion."

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