Jan. 31, 2021, 4:16 p.m.

Lowkey-highkey, I'm having a real good time up in here.

"Deagret Wyckland. Most people call me Dea though. I will make sure to not speak your name, or that one ABBA song," she replied, a huge smile on her face. "Also, catch these hands WOULD be an amazing spell. It's a little dated, but 'cash me outside' might work too, as like a backup, you know?"

This Nando kid was pretty cool! Dea liked his name a lot, mostly 'cause it was fun to say. She didn't know why he looked a little embarrassed, but she figured it was because he was caught using gen z speech. At least, that was Dea's best guess.

Dea watched in wonder as Nando was completely oblivious to his wand. It was actually kind of entertaining (which, no bad Dea, don't encourage that). She stared at the light emanating from the tip of Nando's wand, and suddenly realized: she'd found her protégé. A moldable little youngling that hadn't been corrupted by The Order yet. She tried to keep the devious smirk off her face.

But as soon as she saw sparks though, Dea made the wise decision (which was very not her, most of the time) to pull up her hair with an extra hair tie she'd wrapped around her wand handle. Her hair may have been shorter than it had ever been, but she reallyyyyyy wanted to avoid another Marshmallow Incident.

The redhead put a hand over Nando's, bringing the wand tip down a little more for comfort. "As much as I would love to test vibe check right now, I feel like we should practice that in a non-enclosed environment, ya know? Also, I might know a place where we could test that flashbang out, but like, you need to find it on your own, I guess? It's like an unspoken rule and I just can't be that person, you know?"

She wrote down 'dab', 'lumos flashbang', and 'pogchamp' in her own notebook, because that lumos flashbang was just too good to pass up. She'd probably said too much about the passageways. But like, he'd have to find out eventually. This kid just had that vibe. Gettin' into stuff and causing havoc.

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