Rhiannon Taren

Jan. 31, 2021, 5:02 p.m.

Gotta protect the innocent

Even though Rhiannon was in Draco and they had plenty of room in the commonroom to do work, and even though there was the library proper in addition to the library in the House itself, sometimes Rhia just didn’t want to be around people. When that happened, she usually spent time in one of the classrooms. Typically the Practical Lab or the Lecture Hall, but on occasion it was the Outdoor Classroom. She did miss being on site at Mesa Verde with her aunt and all the older students sometimes. The Outdoor Classroom was almost nothing like Mesa Verde though, so that feeling of being at an actual archaeological site was very rarely something that she actually spent time pursuing.

Today Rhia had decided on the Practical Lab, since she wanted to work on reviewing the spells they’d learned so far that year. It wasn’t as long of a list as she would have liked. McKindy in particular seemed inclined to give them more exploratory work, which Rhiannon typically liked because exploratory knowledge was the best knowledge, but it did mean that they spent less time actually drilling spells. She had begun to look for books in the library that would help her expand her breadth of spells. Rhia had no idea if she was behind other first years at other schools or not, but she fully intended to be the most competitive applicant for whatever university she chose to attend. She knew very little about magical universities, but she did know that she wanted to attend one.

As soon as she walked into the Practical Lab, something caught Rhiannon’s eye. It was colorful and had - was that a propeller? At first she was going to leave it alone because some joker had clearly left it there but as she walked past the lab bench it was on, but then something made her grab the thing and put it on her head. It was a bit big for her and the propeller made it weighted a little bit weird and she was going to pull it off when she realized that actually, it was the perfect accessory. How else would everyone know that she was an Agent of Good? How else would evil know to fear her? Rhiannon Taren would not be a superhero without a propeller beanie, that was for sure!

Suddenly she heard a sound and turned around to see someone standing in the doorway.

“Hello, citizen!” she said gravely. “How can I assist you?”

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