Fernando Reyes

Feb. 21, 2021, 10:21 a.m.

Discombobulate, Ensnare,

"Lumos MAXIMA!" A large burst of light emitted from Nando's wand, hitting the practicing dummy. Running to the side to avoid what Nando had been calling the dummy's "Ouchie Charm", he quickly continued casting. "Colloshoo!" It took him a second to enunciate the end of the spell correctly (which is why it had taken him so long to get the hang of it), and in that brief moment his arm got grazed by a stray ouchie charm, causing him to momentarily let go of his wand. To his chagrin, his holster activated, zipping the wand back into place, which allowed the dummy to start gaining on him; his spell had no effect. Of course, he took the very manly, very heroic route. He ran, screaming bloody murder.

"Me va a MATAR!" he yelled, as he threw anything he could in its path (this included a very neatly stacked pile of quills, pens, and pencils, as well as several books, and at one point his knapsack. The dummy effortlessly hovered over them as it continued to chase Nando across the room. Nando bounced slightly as he quickly trekked around the room's well-padded floors. His reflection bounced off the several mirrors adjusted on its walls, and for a second he could have sworn he saw the dummy's eyes glow red, which didn't surprise him since it was clearly evil.

Your wand, Nando. YOUR WAND! He quickly reached down and pulled out his wand just as he tripped over a stray book. The dummy was nearly on him. What was the last spell he was going to cast on it? "Waddiwassi!" A small pillow shot up a few centimeters in the air, but didn't move. "Locomotor!" Nothing. "YEET!" The pillow flew so hard, it knocked the dummy backwards. The perfect distraction. Before it could regain its artificial senses, he tackled it, pointed his wand directly at its cold dead eyes, and screamed "FINITE!". With that, the dummy was utterly, and truly dead. Deactivated. Whatever.

Gasping for air, his eyes loomed over his newly attained book for Hexes and Jinxes, which definitely had warned him that these spells were to be cast at his own risk. He let his wand fall and zoom back up to its holster, and he slowly started to pick up all the crap he had thrown. Unfortunately, he heard someone open the door just as he bent over to start picking up the quills. Offhandedly, he gestured to the mess he had made around the room and mentioned "Did you know the practice dummies are evil?"

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Discombobulate, Ensnare, - Fernando Reyes || February 21