Madeleine Tennant-McKindy

Jan. 6, 2020, 12:55 p.m.

Was it a little red riding hood?

Aaron-Dad’s classes were the best classes ever!! (It should be noted that by the end of October, Madeleine had already labeled Magizoobotany, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Cultural Studies, History of Magic, and, yes, Spellwork “the best classes ever.” The only one to escape the honor was Astronomy, which was not the best ever because Professor Ramirez didn’t let them wear pajamas even though it was a nighttime class.)

But Madeleine really loved Spellwork, because her Aaron-Dad taught it, and because she was already really good at it because he’d started teaching her magic last year. She could light up a room with lumos and levitate things with wingardium leviosa like a pro, and being in the class with everyone else made it more fun. The downside was that she didn’t get as much one-on-one teaching from Aaron-Dad, but that was actually okay because right now she didn’t need it. The other first years were definitely not as advanced as she was, and even some of the second years seemed like they still needed a little help.

So not to worry, she could get by just fine without Aaron-Dad’s help for now. Besides, in an all-years class there were tons of options. She could work with Kit, or Drew, or Dakota, or Remy, or Darlene, or Sadie—

Or she could work with this super nice seventh year who asked to be her partner! Madeleine never turned down an offer to work with someone. Even though she usually had closer friends in the class, she liked getting to know new people and if someone went out of their way to ask her, they must really want to work together. She didn’t know him very well, except that she was pretty sure his name was Leo and he had been in the musicals. So he must know Dad! Maybe he had seen her at some of the rehearsals—Madeleine often came to help with getting the sets and props ready, or just to see how the show was coming along. Ooh, maybe they would be in the show together this year!

Madeleine beamed at the older boy. “Sure!” she chirped. She was already thrilled about this class because it was baking, and baking magical treats was one of her very favorite things to do. She and Aaron-Dad (Dad couldn’t bake) usually made animated Christmas cookies and Aaron-Dad’s signature winking iguanas. Halloween treats seemed like an amazing and spooky addition to their cookie lineup. “You’re Leo, right? I’m Madeleine Tennant,” she said, in case he didn’t actually know her. “I used to bake with Aaron-Dad all the time and I love baking, so I’m fine with whatever you want to make! I have a couple ideas for how to magic-ify any of these.”

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