Elliot Phippen

Jan. 29, 2020, 10:06 p.m.

Can’t I have both?

Professor McKindy had the coolest outfits ever. Elliot Phippen was not a fashionista, but he liked his clothes to have a little flair. Today, under his Magyckal Wizard Robes (aka RMI’s silver school uniform), Elliot was wearing a short-sleeved periwinkle button-down patterned with tiny purple penguins. It would be cool if he could make them waddle around or something. He should look into that.

“Doing” classes were a lot more fun than “teaching” classes, even though Elliot wasn’t actually a “baked goods” kind of person. Don’t get him wrong, he liked candy and sugar in all its forms—Red Hots and Sour Patch Kids were his favorites—but cookies, cakes, and pastries just weren’t the best bribe for him. The best baked dessert Elliot had ever had was when they went to this fancy hipster cupcakery place in Brooklyn: Sprinkle Some Love had a chocolate chili cupcake with cayenne cream cheese frosting (“Spice Spice Baby”), and it was delicious. Other than that, most baked goods were just all right.

Enchanted Halloween baked goods, however, could be the greatest thing since autosave. Halloween was his favorite holiday because it was when a lot of horror and thriller movies came out, and haunted houses popped up where you walked through and people jumped out and tried to scare you, and it was like, National Cosplay Day. Elliot’s family always went all-out on costumes—Dad liked to do family costumes, and Mama didn’t care as long as her outfit was “sexy,” but now that Ari was old enough to have opinions about what she wanted to dress up as, the Phippens were less cohesive. Plus you got candy for dressing up, which made Halloween even better than cons, where all you normally got was “Hey, cool Luke Skywalker. Can I take a picture of you?” Which was fine, but then you had to stand still for a picture. Elliot was in charge of his own costumes now that he was at RMI, so he was gonna see if any of his friends wanted to go to Pearl Street to hunt for costume pieces and ideas. Hopefully there’d be a party or something this year.

Professor McKindy didn’t seem to have brought chili powder, so Elliot couldn’t make a Ghost Chili Ghost Cookie, but he was optimistic that he could make something equally awesome. It didn’t matter that Elliot had absolutely no baking or decorating experience. When you were making stuff like this, the oven did all the work anyway, right?


But on second thought, cake pops used cake that was already baked, which meant he’d be done sooner, which meant he could eat sooner. Sold. Now to figure out how to make those.

Being a third year, Elliot knew some stuff, but then again, he didn’t think he counted as an “older” student. As in most things, he could go both ways. So he didn’t worry too much about the age of his would-be partner when he turned to someone else to ask, “Hey, how do you make cake pops? You mash up the cake with your hands and then do what to it?”

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