Deputy Head Bellamy Fell

April 24, 2021, 9:01 p.m.

An Exercise in Economy (Years 1-3)

Bellamy Fell did not lead classes. He had sat in on quite a few during his first year as RMI’s Deputy Headmaster, mainly with the intent of checking whether the faculty were following the IWCE’s recommended curriculum and teaching appropriately. The fact he was not an educator didn’t affect his perception of appropriate teaching methods; he had read the entire IWCE teaching manual from cover to cover, which he felt put him in a higher bracket than several of RMI’s professors, who were clearly too comfortable in their jobs. He had also been involved in the hiring of the newest professors, if rather begrudgingly - it was unfortunate that Toby always had the final say. As satisfying as it had been to see the last of Cindra Embers, her clownish replacement was hardly much better. At least Kristen Brooks had a school-aged daughter instead of a squalling infant.

All this to say, Bellamy had little to do with the students beyond hallway interactions. The most he ever spoke with them was when he was deducting points for not wearing their robes properly. (Bellamy himself primarily wore suits, but students were held to different expectations.) However, this year the older students were engaged in a Life Skills class series, which to his understanding was primarily based on baby-raising with tangents into other areas. He had offered to lead a class on investments and tax filing processes, which would be his first time truly teaching a class of students.

So today was really a matter of tripping two hinkypunks with one stick. Goal one: He would be practicing his teaching skills and making sure his air of authority was not diminished by the students viewing him as a professor rather than a school head. Goal two: The younger years, who had been granted a free period when all the older students were summoned to their mandatory Life Skills class, would make productive use of that time by learning some life skills of their own. He was sure they would all appreciate this.

Charmed notices had been sent to each of the younger students, telling them their presence was required at the Practical Lab. When the students arrived, they would see the mustachioed man at the centre of the room, its perimeter surrounded by a ring of small tables. “Each of you should go to one table,” he instructed, repeating this as more students trailed in until everyone was present.

“Welcome. I understand you have a free period today, so thank you for joining me.” They had not been given a choice. Any who ignored the notice papers would soon find themselves beaten across the head with the paper until they came to class. (Bellamy would firmly deny being aware of that particular charm. It was only paper, after all, no real harm done.)

“Today, you will learn valuable skills of entrepreneurship, commerce, and monetary gratification. On the tables in front of you, there is a box. Please open it.” Each box contained a stack of colourful fake money (much like that from the popular Muggle game Monopoly), a receipt book, an open/closed sign, and a template for a business plan with fill-in-the-blank sections such as ‘business name’, ‘business owner’, ‘licenses’, ‘investors’, ‘goods and services’, and so on. Bellamy had carefully considered this template in order to keep it simple for the children.

“In this exercise, you will become an entrepreneur. You must come up with an idea for a small business - for example, a retail store, or a cafe. As you create your business plan, you can choose how to proceed. You may wish to seek investors among your classmates to increase your capital. You may need to purchase a license from the municipality before you can open for business. For the purpose of this exercise, I am the municipality.” A poster behind him helpfully explained that licenses were needed to sell food, produce media, and for the presence of animals. “Or you may open for business immediately, and begin advertising your goods and services to prospective buyers. Throughout this exercise, you are welcome to open or close your business at any time in order to peruse our little ‘marketplace’ and make purchases of your own. As this is a capitalist society, you are also welcome to modify the prices you charge at any point.”

Glancing around the room, one hand idly brushing invisible dust off the sleeve of his maroon suit, the stout man nodded, his well-groomed mustache twitching. “Marvelous. You may get started. Please raise your hand if you have any questions and I will be happy to assist you.” Several of the students had been staring very intently (not at all in a glazed-over way, presumably). Bellamy could tell that this was going to go very well. He decided on the spot that halfway through the class, he would announce a new municipal tax, just to create a little drama.

OOC: Bellamy expects you all to take this very seriously and use this time for learning, not goofing around. No fun allowed. This is strictly an educational exercise. Enjoy!

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