Madeleine Tennant-McKindy

April 25, 2021, 11:38 a.m.

What’s in a name?

It wasn’t every day that Deputy Headmaster Fell led a class. Madeleine always wore her robes because those were the rules, but she was especially glad she had today (over her navy blue dress and mustard-yellow knit tights) because Fell always made sure that everyone wore their robes. She showed up right on time and took a seat at the front of the room just like always, because that was where she paid the best attention.

And today’s class was super interesting, and super helpful! Madeleine already knew she wanted to teach little witches and wizards about magic and emotions. Practically everyone she knew had done accidental magic as a toddler because they’d gotten really really upset, like the time Madeleine had iced over their door lock so her dads couldn’t go to work. But if Aaron-Dad could start teaching Madeleine to do magic before she had her own wand, and Madeleine could learn to meditate (kind of) before she started officially learning Animagus magic, little kids could learn how to think about their emotions, which meant they could learn to control their magic.

Plus it was important to learn emotions anyway because that was what being a person was about, and Madeleine really, really wanted to help tiny humans learn things.

She filled out most of her form for a daycare-slash-preschool in cursive purple glitter ink. Her fellow classmates didn’t have little littles who needed teaching (well, maybe some of them had younger siblings, but not at RMI, and they weren’t the ones in charge of making sure they learned magic and feelings) so she probably wouldn’t make a lot of fake money today, but that was okay. It was still good practice.

The only thing she had left to choose was a name. That was the most important part! A parent would want to send their kids to a place that sounded like it would really help their kids grow, and flourish, and learn.

Madeleine put the closed sign on her desk and walked around to find inspiration from what her classmates were doing. Spotting someone who was open for business, she trotted over. “Hi!” she chirped. “What do you do? And how did you pick your name?”

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