Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky

April 25, 2021, 1:17 p.m.

Lots of careful planning and symbolism

The Rojkovskys were a business family. They ran an exclusive shipping company across Eastern Europe and Asia, transporting everything from magical creatures and dragon’s eggs to rare artefacts and high-class parties (and those were only the parts known to the public eye). Over the generations they had developed and overseen multiple trains, but their pride was in Королевский Клоктун, the Royal Kloktun, a massive Soviet-style steam engine built under strong enchantments that operated on their private rail lines. Anton Rojkovsky was the head of the business, and as his oldest son, Dmitry was expected to help manage the company and eventually take ownership himself one day. In preparation he took lessons every summer, taking lessons with his father’s advisor and accompanying them on business trips.

However, Dmitry was only half-Rojkovsky, and honestly he was not very interested in the business stuff. Especially when he was supposed to have a free period right now and had been hoping to practice some Quidditch.

Light brown hair flopping over his forehead as he bent over the contents of the box, he tried to pay attention as the Deputy Head talked about... well, some of the words went right past his ears - learning about business in Russian didn’t help him keep up in English. What he was getting out of this was that they were supposed to model capitalism, which was kind of a pointless system. (Technically he supposed his father’s family had been entrepreneurs at one point, but either they had been the best or just scared off everyone else because now they were the only ones who did what they did. That was better than having too many options.)

Deputy Head Fell hadn’t said what the point of the class was, which fit with the main thing Dmitry knew about capitalism, which was that there was no point. But the point of business was to make the most money possible, and his family had done a great job at that, so Dmitry decided to save some time and just model his fake business off that. Королевский Клоктун was a very regional thing, so none of the American students here would suspect him of stealing the idea, and he would have a head-start already knowing some things about how it worked, and maybe if he got everyone’s money they could end early and he could go flying.

Carefully filling out the first few sections of his business sheet in neat block letters, Dmitry put his ‘closed’ sign up and wandered over to the blonde first-year with the name that was not Katarina. He had worked with her for the first time in Potions last week and she had whisper-sung some weird American Jesus song the entire time she was stirring their potion. She seemed an easy target, and sure enough he was able to convince her in a couple minutes that her business (doing something called “bedazzling” to Muggle guns, for reasons she said were “obvious” and didn’t bother to explain) would be benefited by a magnificent steam train shipping them across the country.

Dmitry returned to his table with an extra handful of rainbow money and decided to open his business. He was in the process of trying to fill out the first-year’s name as an investor, soon giving up and just writing her down as ‘Katya’, when he was approached by his first potential customer. “Hallo, Mad-lin,” he greeted the older girl politely, stumbling over her name a little. “I am doing a transport business - it vill be a beyoootiful private magic train, doing the shipping all over this country,” he described. Beautiful wasn’t a word one normally used in business but gauging by not-Katya’s reaction, he thought it might help. “I am naming it ‘Regal Eagle’. Regal, because it is seeming fancy, and Eagle, because it is a fast transport, like birds. And then it rhymes too. More of a catch, da?” It wasn’t a unique idea at all - this was literally how his ancestors came up with Royal Kloktun - but he grinned at her proudly anyways. “Do you ‘ave something to be shipping in America?”

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