Fernando Reyes

April 25, 2021, 3:23 p.m.

Begrudging Creativity is Creativity Nonetheless

Nando was having a wonderful free period doing what he did best: playing video games. He had gotten Professor McKindy to charm all of his consoles to work while he went to school at RMI because apparently muggle-tech just didn't work because of ~* M A G I C *~, which made no sense to him. He would understand if there was no electricity, but RMI had countless plugs all over their campus, including a few in the common rooms and a single one in his dorm. Some of his classmates went apeshit when they saw an extension cord with multiple outlets, which Nando was very happy about. He was halfway into explaining how you could basically just keep on connecting different extension cords without any repercussions before the lights dimmed and went out mysteriously around the same time. He limited his extension cord number to a maximum of two after that.

Today he was playing his favorite game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which he was considerably good at for a twelve-year-old. He had watched multiple videos online about pro-strats and was a part of multiple Reddit pages where communities of people would talk about the game and advertised different competitions and discord groups. Of course, he wasn't allowed to join discord groups of people he didn't know (yet!) because he was only twelve, and his parientes had convinced themselves that only a specific caliber of individuals speak to twelve-year-olds online. Not wanting him to be abducted, they made it clear: no discord groups until he was at least 16 and knew more about internet safety. So sadly, he had to only play with people via the online battle system built into the game, which was (you guessed it) virtually useless within RMI's internet-sucking walls. Sigh..

Anyways! Smash Bros. He was having fun playing against computer-generated enemies until some paper he received that morning unfurled itself and cleared its throat. Being used to passive-aggressive parental methods, he rolled his eyes and just kept focusing on his game. A little up-smash here, some taunting there, and-

The paper began beating him over the head.

"Que-QUE? WHat do you WANT? My room is CLEAN?!" He screamed, getting some looks from his dormmates. The paper continued beating him over the head until someone explained that there was a class for first-years happening. Something something Deputy Head. Something something economics. Something something boring. Nando tried casting "Finite" and even a risky "Immobulus", but whoever had casted the charms for this damned paper must have had higher than a second-year education, because the spells both failed.

"FINE!" Nando grumbled, lazily layering his robes over his casual outfit of a Nintendo 64 Logo T-Shirt and jeans that had an N bejeweled on the back (a Christmas gift from one of his sisters). Stomping like an annoyed baby, he made his way to the classroom and realized that he had already begun to miss the beginning of the lesson. Slumping into a chair, he tried to concentrate on whatever the hell this dude who he had seen maybe once was saying. Who was this guy again? Some type of Vice-Principal or something? Now he was talking about businesses and Nando couldn't help but roll his eyes at the very obviously copyrighted fake Monopoly money in front of him. He was never one for marketing, or capitalism for that matter (his older sisters made sure of that), so he figured he would just goof off for the rest of the time; that is until he got a brilliant idea.

Thinking back to his struggles with playing online with his friends, and the very obvious problem with functioning video games and internet connectivity that RMI had, he figured he would create his very own version of Magical!Gamestop. He wrote down the name, but then crossed it out. He didn't know about parody laws yet, so he could probably get sued if Gamestop ever figured out witches and wizards had their own version of it. Scratching his head with his pencil, he tentatively wrote "Witchtendo™", which he was very pleased with. After underlining it like three times, he began a bullet point list of things that he could sell.

1) Charmed Muggle Videogame Tech
2) Wizard Tech?? (Check if wizard videogames are a thing)
3) Underground Wifi Router (Market immediately)
4) Whatever else Gamestop sells (plushies, paraphernalia, etc.)
5) ...

He suddenly became very aware of someone staring down at his paper over his shoulder. He covered his paper with his whole body and looked back to face the scoundrel.

"Hey! Eyes on your own business, bucko! Witchtendo™ is my work in progress!"

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