April 25, 2021, 6:08 p.m.

I think mine comes from Bemelmans

Sometimes he could be kind of a grumpus, but Madeleine knew that Dmitry was really one of the sweetest people at RMI. Madeleine still had the matryoshka doll(s) he’d given her as her secret Santa lined up on her nightstand in her room. She alternated between having them out and having them packed up, because she couldn’t decide if they would rather each be able to see the room or stay snuggled. She did that with all her toys, rotating her stuffed animals around so everyone got a turn on the bed, even the ones that weren’t magically-animated. Fair was fair.

And Dmitry had a great business idea. The US was big and there were some things you just couldn’t send by owl post, because the poor little owl would be overwhelmed and as far as Madeleine knew you couldn’t train a fleet of owls to work together to fly a bookshelf or something to another state.

And Regal Eagle was a perfect name—Madeleine loved how it rhymed. (And she thought Dmitry must be really clever to come up with a name that rhymed in a different language than the one he normally spoke.) Maybe she could make a business name that rhymed? She just needed to come up with words that rhymed with Madeleine’s, school, kids, learning, feelings, magic, or emotion regulation.

“No, I don’t think I’m sending anything anywhere,” she said, beaming at the second year. “I want to open a daycare to teach witchlets and wizardlings how to control their magic. So they’re more ready for school when they’re eleven, and they don’t have so many accidental magic outbursts.” Madeleine herself had attended a mixed elementary school, with a separate class for witches and wizards, but she knew a lot of people were in different situations. If you had Muggle parents you might only go to Muggle school, and then you wouldn’t know anything about magic when you got your wand! Other people homeschooled or had tutors, which was kinda helpful but it meant that the kids didn’t get to have school friends.

She wasn’t sure about Dmitry, since he had grown up in another country. “What did you do for school when you were little?” she asked. “I’m trying to learn more about how different people teach kids stuff so I can give the best options.”

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