April 25, 2021, 6:35 p.m.

Begrudged Creativity Suits Us

Oh, it was Paola. Cool. Nando instinctively relaxed, scooching over so that she would be able to sit next to him and look at his notes. Paola was one of Nando's quieter friends, which just meant that he got super excited when she wanted to share her insights instead of just listening to whatever mierda he was spouting. He was still a lil grumpy from before, but he gave a disgruntled smile nonetheless. She looked different. Was she taller than the last time he had seen her? No that wasn't it. Did she get some type of haircut? All he knew was that something looked different but he was too scatterbrained at the moment to notice. Nando, of course, had also grown during the break. He was happy to announce that he was finally a whopping 4' 10", basically a man in his eyes. Still, he couldn't put his finger on what about her was different. He shrugged.

"Listen P, Witchtendo is gonna break a lot of minds and a lot of wallets. Mucho dinero if you understand what I mean. But that's a story for another time," he winked. "And that's NINtendo, totally manipulative company that preys on the weak through nostalgia attacking propaganda, or as I like to call it, the practice of "Nintendology". Super awesome games, but at what cost. I mean, typically $60 dollars, and the acceptance that you've been a pawn of capitalism yet again, but other than that, I guess they're fine."

"Also, sorry for being grumpy. I was in the middle of an awesome smash sesh, but SOMEONE-" He looked at the Deputy Head and considered sticking out his tongue. "Had other plans. What's up, Sadiqaa?" He gave a toothy grin as he tried out his new Arabic vocabulary word. She had been showing him new words over email the past few months, and he thought it was sweet and totally awesome. He occasionally showed her words in Spanish, video juegos being one of them, but that one was pretty much super obvious, he thought. He'd show her the bad words, but he had a feeling Paola didn't really like curse words. She was like that, not the one to get into a lot of trouble, quiet and reserved. He was kinda sorry that he flash-banged her during their first interaction, but in his head, that lead to them being friends so really no harm no foul, right?

He took a quick look over her paper and smiled. Of course, she had wanted to do something with either books or astrology, it was so her. He looked up at her again, trying to determine what it was that was so different about her, but all it did was cause him to blush. Ah, he figured it out. He was beginning to think that she looked pretty. Quickly shaking his head, and moving his bangs out of his line of vision, he cleared his throat and spoke. "Astrology is totally cool and everything, but think about all the tiktok-ers and fake astronomy twitters that exist that have tried to market astrology and stars. Now, recommending books," he pointed to the paper. "That's an extremely super cool idea. I'd love it if maybe I gave you a list of my favorite books and you did your own research into finding different genres that matched my taste."

"Also!" He added, being uncharacteristically brave. "Not sure if you got a haircut over the summer but you look very, what's the word, linda." As he said this, he suddenly wasn't sure if Paola understood that he was calling her pretty. "NICE!" He emphasized. "You look nice."

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