April 27, 2021, 11:39 p.m.

That's not very original!

Madeleine’s idea for a business was a daycare. This was a word that Dmitry was unfamiliar with, but figured out from her description that she wanted to have a mini-school for young children to study magic before going to real-school. He considered this a moment and immediately decided that it was not a good business for making money - unless she charged a large fee and made it a more prestigious type of school, something that would tempt the higher-class Purebloods away from private tutors, but from what he knew of Madeleine and her own family this was probably not something she was interested in.

However, as long as she wasn’t trying to make money, it was a good idea. Middle and lower-class wizards could probably use some help teaching their children how to not explode; they were surely too busy struggling in life to have time or resources to do it themselves. Already Dmitry found himself trying to think of a way to get her interested in his business, and he suggested, “Vat if I added a train car for passengers? You could be shipping the children as a field trip, or to get more children from other places.” If he was going to add a passenger car, then he could also go back to not-Katya the first-year and ask her to invest more money... maybe she would find it helpful to send people along with her bedazzling guns to sell them or shoot animals or whatever she wanted to do with them.

Not that he really needed money to expand his business, since it was a completely imaginary one and it could be whatever he wanted, but it was the principle that mattered. (In line with principles, he had no interest in actually allowing Muggle weapons on his imaginary train. Much like its stolen namesake, The Regal Eagle was meant for fine magical goods. That didn’t mean he couldn’t take the first-year’s money, though.)

“I have tutors,” he answered Madeleine’s question, using the present tense because technically he still did. The one benefit of having to study over summer holidays was that, since attending RMI, he was advanced enough that there was no reason for him to be tutored beside his little sisters; he got his own time now, which was much better for focusing. “This is even before I did accident magic because there vas so much to be learning in other subjects, and once I did accident magic, then magic subjects also. My most common tutor is being called Nikolai. He teaches spells, like your father.” He neglected to mention that Nikolai was a retired combat instructor from Durmstrang and therefore nothing like the very mild Professor McKindy. His lessons with the creepy white-haired man had doubled in length since the attempted murder of Madeleine’s brother last term, much to his dismay - he was more likely to be poisoned than ever win a duel. “And you, did you have any learning before school?” Dmitry doubted it could be as good as his, but still asked to be polite.

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