Professor Kristen Brooks

May 22, 2021, 11:31 a.m.

Don't Be Scared - DADA ALL YEARS

Kristen loved her job as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Rocky Mountain International. The consistent paycheck and health care were definitely added perks. The gig only conflicted with her Renn Faire tours as it got closer to summer and bled into the fall. This meant that on weekends, Professor Brooks was no more and she instead became Kristen the Fire Eater, one part of the group Fantastic Phoenixes. It was amazing, like she was getting to do everything she’d ever wanted to do, and provide a solid educational foundation for her daughter.

But then Mondays came, and Kristen woke up absolutely exhausted from doing all of the things. Some weekends she’d be able to pre-plan, get all her lessons in order before having to teach them. That was the best version of Past Kristen, and the (currently) tangerine haired woman loved her. This week, Past Kristen had been The Absolute Worst and planned nothing for the upcoming week.

Grumbling to herself the whole time she got dressed for the day - robe, boho patchwork skirt, simple black top, and a long necklace - Kristen ran through her go-to classes. Of course this was the day she’d volunteered to run an all years class, too, because she was a dumbass. All the year groups were currently in the Dark Creatures part of the curriculum, so all she needed to do was figure out what would work for a wide range of witches and wizards and take it out of her office. The grindylows were on loan for another program, she absolutely was not in the mood to be lectured for showing a first year an inferi…

Ah! Got it. Her sandals made a satisfying thwap sound as she pulled what she needed from the office and got it to the practical lab. By the time the children began trickling into the room, they found a confident and not at all barely prepared professor in the front of the classroom, nursing the triple espresso Kizzy somehow always knew she needed on Monday mornings. Being an adult teacher person was hard.

“Hello, hello, hello,” She sang, smiling brightly as they found a spot to sit. She chatted with a few, asked how their weekends had been, until it was time to start the class. Since she literally planned this lesson last minute, it would be kind of a jerk move for her to punish late students, so she let it slide when a few of them snuck into the back. “Welcome to your super rare all year Defense class! Go ahead and pair up. Older students, find a younger student. You’re going to need each other today.”

As the students bustled about to find their partner for the day (and she made sure to break up older student pairs that clearly weren’t interested in finding a younger student to work with), she pulled out a teal ottoman pouf and placed it on one side of the room. It had space for storage and had a removable top. Currently, it was very much shut. On the other side of the room, she set up a large spice cabinet, also closed.

“No one knows what I truly looks like,” She said, her voice carrying across the room with enough presence to get the student chatter to quiet. “I am an amortal non-being, much like a poltergeist. I am a shape shifter that loves dark, confined spaces and shadowy corners.” She stood in the middle of the room, between the ottoman and the spice cabinet. “What am I?”

Hands raised and Kristen called on the first student she saw. When they answered correctly, she awarded their house five points. “Exactly! I am a boggart.”

“Older students, this is your chance to review what you know about boggarts. They will appear on your STOATs and IMPs. You need all the practice with them that you can get, because the last thing you want is to be surprised on your practicals. Plus, it’s always fun to note if your boggart has changed over the years. Often, boggarts change as you get older from less child-like fears to more adult, concrete, serious ones.”

She continued by addressing the younger students. “This will be the first time you encounter a boggart in this class. They will take on the form of what you fear most - it’s okay if that freaks you out. There is a spell that will defeat them - a spell, and laughter. They hate being laughed at. Watch.”

Kristen removed the lid of the ottoman pouf and the hottest flames anyone had ever felt burst onto the scene. As a fire eater, she knew how easy it could be to lose control of the flames she used to create her art, and making a mistake with those flames terrified her to no end. They were beautiful but so deadly. Still, she knew how to handle a boggart. She held up her wand and with confidence said, “Riddikulus!

The boggart turned into glitter and screeched as Kristen laughed, escaping back inside its comfortable household storage item. The professor turned back to her students. “The spell might be too difficult for our younger students. That’s okay, and that’s why you’re paired with an older student today. Both will get a turn with the boggart, and you are both there for each other if you need help banishing your boggart. Even if you can’t manage the spell yet, you can both laugh. Together, you’ll have no problem with this creature. Now, if there aren’t any questions, I’ll be over there watching and having quality time with this triple espresso.”

OOC: Hey all! Partner your older students with a younger one and have fun. As always, follow the rules, ask in chatzy if you need help, and entertain me for extra house points.

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