Paige Blair

May 22, 2021, 12:08 p.m.

Success without work? Count me in!

Having passed her first half-term at RMI no prob, Paige felt now was the time to make a mark on the social scene. Some of the clubs didn’t interest her at all - farming was lame as, and Joey wrote for the school paper sometimes so that was an obvs one out - but she’d attended a meeting with the drama club, which was fun. And for somethin’ new, she’d decided to try out for Quidditch too.

She’d never been a real sports type, but at NZAM she ‘n her best mate Mira had spent a lotta free time hanging on the beach faking schoolwork and ogling the flyers. NZAM’s Quidditch pitch was over the water, and while in real games the teams wore uniforms, they normally just went for colour-coded swimmers in practices; even as firsties, both of ‘em knew the older guys were lush. The way they whipped round cracking balls, or dove into the waves and pulled back out with a spray of water… yup, it’d made for prime viewing. Her dad and uncle had played in school, Chaser and Beater, so she’d tried for both and got landed with Chaser. ‘Course now she had to actually practice the thing - and ‘course her free period to do so just had to get called off. Ugh, Fell was such a cheese.

That was how Paige came to be in class, tryna fix her messy hair and hide her skinned knee under the hem of her denim coverall shorts. She’d thought she could just toss Fell’s letter in the bin, but it had come chasing her and spooked her off her broom - luckily she’d only been a short gap off the ground, but gosh she hated coming to class looking like this. She’d already lost points for not having robes on; she didn’t want to seem like some kinda scudder who couldn’t be bothered to take care of herself. (On the other hand she was absolutely the kinda type to focus more on fixing hair than doin’ schoolwork, but whatever, she could just make up some type of basic cafe thing and call it a day.)

The Asian-Australian jumped when she got tapped and glanced over, relieved to know that at least one person wasn’t gonna shun her for her ugly clothes. “No yeah, that’s gotta be a thing,” she returned Elisa’s question. “Like, Muggle science can grow the tissue stuff, so wizards could go far out with whole bodies, I bet.” Most of Paige’s biology knowledge came from the science mags her dad got delivered to their flat. She didn’t read ‘em, but she could skim a headline. “But cat spa sounds right lovely, I’d pay just to watch that. Oooh idea!” she announced, voice jumping high-pitched, and liked the way it sounded so much she repeated it twice more before actually getting to the idea. “What about a setup where people get fitted for new arms while watching cats at the spa? That would distract ‘em and get ‘em relaxed.”

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