Elisabeth Harris

May 22, 2021, 3:59 p.m.


Elisa had never been afraid of anything in her life - well, okay, she didn’t love the dentist, but who did? And now that she was a witch Elisa would never have to worry about strangers drilling in her mouth ever again so she was fairly confident that the boggart lesson was going to be an exciting opportunity to prove to her new peers just how cool she was under pressure.

The only downside was knowing that Eugene was somewhere in the class embarrassing her. Elisa was still hesitant to make their relationship public knowledge but she suspected that blabbermouth Eugene had, with all the cognitive skills of a toddler, started to spill the beans almost immediately upon her arrival. Elisa planned to stress they were only half-related if anyone dared to breach the subject with her and had made a point of placing Hello Kitty stickers over his face in any family photos adorned on her dormitory wall.

Judging by the twisted knot in her stomach that arrived at the thought of the lanky fifth year ruffling her hair or calling her name in brotherly affection, Elisa would not be surprised if her boggart ended up being her dad claiming paternity of Eugene. Now THAT was a scary thought. She wondered what Eugene’s boggart would be and decided it was probably a big egg. She’d caught him the other morning at breakfast with two eggs to the back of the head - breaking a three year hiatus from Egg Eugene - and it had been glorious to see his yolk sodden head swivel around in shock, from the safety of her hideaway under a far off table, and watch as he stalked up and down seeking the perpetrator without success. Even the memory made her giggle. Maybe Eugene’s presence wouldn’t be a blight on the day after all.

Elisa wasted little time before sprinting over to an older student ( the only criteria in her selection was that they didn’t look like they were about to wet the bed and most importantly they weren’t Eugene ) and tapping them on the elbow. “This one’s mine!” she cried triumphantly, and darted a few dirty looks at anyone she suspected was thinking about cutting in.

“Alright,” she said, once her ownership of the upper student was properly asserted, rolling her sleeves up and holding her wand high, “I’m ready. Let’s go, let’s go!” She walked towards the ottoman without hesitation.

A furry grey ball of fluff lay by her feet and slowly it began to uncurl itself revealing the sweet snubbed face of a kitten. The kitten’s large eyes looked up at her and Elisa felt her heart flutter adoringly. She needed to reach out and stroke it’s coat, to pull it close to her chest but the second her arm twitched in movement something about the kitten changed. It’s fur had lost its lushness and began to fall out in clumps revealing the shrivelled skin beneath and when she sought the comforting gaze of the kitten’s round eyes she found only shrunken holes peering back at her. “Oh. Oh noo,” she said in quiet horror. It moved toward her revealing the exposed bones poking through it’s joints, Elisa stepped back in revulsion but could not bring herself to look away. “Do something,” she demanded of her partner. Her voice sounded weak and wobbly but she had no hope of hearing it over the thudding of her heart. “Make it better.”

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