Mikael Lundqvist

May 22, 2021, 10:03 p.m.

One can only hope

In his time at RMI, Anssi had experienced plenty of all-year classes, but he couldn’t say that Defense Against the Dark Arts was a common topic for it. Actually, he couldn’t say for sure if he had ever attended an all-years Defense class. Subjects like Potions made more sense for that sort of thing; the younger students often had little experience preparing ingredients to the exact specifications of a potion’s recipe, so having an older student as a mentor/partner meant less chances of an explosion. (And also saved Rob from single-handedly supervising everyone in the room, which he suspected was part of the appeal... not that he could honestly remember Rob putting much effort into supervision even when he was a younger student, but still.)

Also, Potions classes were always about brewing potions or learning potions theory. It got more complicated every year, but it was still the same basic pattern, and easy to adapt to a range of skill levels. In contrast, seventh-year Defense classes often involved dangerous creatures, complicated hexes, and mock dueling, none of which seemed like a good idea with younger students in the room lacking the correct training. So to say that the blonde was curious to find out what exactly Professor Kristen had in store for them was an understatement.

It was not, however, an understatement to say that Anssi was also feeling some trepidation. As Head Student and the senior member of his and Jace’s baby-care assignment, he had offered to take responsibility for their baby during class today, figuring that it would be easier for him to handle. He was also pretty confident that his life path wouldn’t involve defensive or offensive magic and one class of less-than-ideal performance wasn’t going to ruin his future career, while Jace was early in his studies and might actually need to perform well in this class for whatever his own life held. But despite these logical thoughts, actually carrying a (not exactly real but real enough) infant into the Practical Lab gave him the feeling of having made a very wrong decision.

Adjusting the shoulder straps of the baby carrier, he glanced down at the baby hanging off his chest. The baby seemed completely unbothered to be in the room, hens head turning back and forth to look around. (He had taken to mentally referring to it with Swedish gender-neutral pronouns, figuring it was as accurate as anything else, and any opportunity to practice alternate pronouns was one worth taking.) Anssi sighed and shrugged off his robes, more out of habit than any misconception it would actually help him be more mobile for class today, and hung them up on the wall before proceeding further into the room.

He was standing near Grant when the class started, which apparently had been interpreted as them working together, as Kristen came over to ‘separate’ them and sent him off to a student with the furthest possible age gap. He felt like he was looming over the first-year and offered her a friendly grin, stalling for time as he dug around in his memory for her name - ever since first being made Prefect a couple years ago, he’d committed himself to memorizing the names of each incoming class, seeing it as a small way to create a welcoming environment whenever he inevitably came across one of them completely lost in the school halls. Josephine, he remembered the girl’s name suddenly, and kept it in mind as they got into line with the other students.

It had been a while since Anssi had last done a Boggart-themed class; the first time he had been in… third year? At that point his biggest fear had apparently been fire ants (an insect he hadn’t encountered growing up in Sweden as a child, but which he had come across on a day trip with his parents outside Houston and never forgotten). But he was pretty confident that he’d grown out of that one; something about being able to do wandless magic gave him a lot of reassurance about fending off minor pests. Also, the whole ‘turn into a goat and just run away’ thing. That was a solid Plan B if he ever really needed it.

Josephine spoke up suddenly and he looked down at her, absently rubbing the shaved back of his neck. “Jo?” he echoed, rewriting his memory with the shorter name form. “Great to meet you. My name’s Anssi.” As he spoke, the blonde absently lowered his hand to pat the baby on hens equally blonde head. (He and Jace were both blonde so that part hadn't come as much surprise.) The baby didn’t seem to notice; from this angle he didn’t have a clear view, but presumably hen was still sucking on the pacifier, as despite the chaos in the room there wasn’t any crying yet. “And erm, I’m not sure what will come up,” he admitted. “A few years ago it would have been fire ants, but now? Maybe something more conceptual, like the future. I’m currently applying for universities and it’s a bit intimidating.” A bit didn’t begin to cover it, but he wasn’t about to scare an impressionable young student away from higher education. “How about you, do you have any guesses for what to expect?”

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