Jason Fitz

March 22, 2020, 4:52 p.m.

More sugar is best sugar

Hey wow, this was Professor McKindy’s stepson? Jace had never even considered the idea that teachers at the school might have, you know, families and things. He supposed that teachers were technically people, but he knew that they mostly lived in that wing in the admin quarters that they weren’t supposed to go down and it seemed like a weird place to have a family. So much of Jace’s childhood had been spent outside that he couldn’t imagine not being chased outside by your mom waving a broom because you were being too rowdy in the house (something that had happened more than once just this past summer). What did you even do if you lived in an underground school for your entire life? There was stuff that was fake outside but it was fake outside.

Plus Jace was pretty dang sure that Professor McKindy was uh somewhere over the rainbow if you were to take his meaning. Not that Jace had a problem with that, and duh kids could get adopted or whatever - it was obvious this kid was - but that seemed like a lot to handle growing up in a school. There were absolutely kids at this school who were jerks about that sort of thing. His older sister Jenna had warned him about some kid named Connor who was like that. Jace knew who Connor was because RMI was tiny and everyone knew the older kids but he’d never talked to him or really spent time with him. Which was good, because Jace was not beyond punching someone if they said something real stupid.

“We’ve learned color-changing stuff, yeah,” Jace confirmed to the older boy. “I’m Jace, by the way. Did you grow up here your whole life or is Professor McKindy kinda a new teacher?”

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