Mikael Lundqvist

March 22, 2020, 6:05 p.m.

Seems a bit greedy

Being now in his fifth year at RMI, the school’s resident Finn now considered himself familiar with all of the faculty’s teaching methods (or at least, all of the ones whose classes he had taken). Aaron McKindy was the only professor that he saw for multiple classes: Anssi had taken Spellwork from the beginning, and also signed up for the Animagus elective last year. So far, the elective seemed to shift between traditional multi-student classes and one-on-one sessions, which he assumed was because of the different stages everyone was at. Some of the older students could already transform parts or wholes of themselves, while he was still at the stage of practicing doing spells both without his wand and without speaking. But this variety in his classes had actually helped him understand how Aaron taught even more… or maybe ‘helped him think that he understood’ was a more accurate way to say it, since he had still walked into the lab today and been immediately surprised to see a table piled with candies and other food-related things.

He would have better expected this sight from Professor Rob. In first, second, and even once - but only once - in third year, he had been a victim of Rob’s offers of snacks, unquestionably eating something that had been laced with other things that should not be eaten. (This, of course, immediately preceded him becoming a victim of his brother’s lectures, which he could begrudgingly admit had been in his best interests, even if Ruben’s reaction at the time had come off as a little paranoid and more than a little too much on the offense.) If nothing else, he knew that Aaron would not poison them, but he was still not sure why snacks were being offered in class.

Anssi’s confusion was resolved as Aaron explained that the snacks were actually ingredients for Halloween treats. After five years living in America, and four Halloweens spent at RMI, he was familiar with how they usually celebrated the holiday… even if, clearly, he had lost track of how soon it was coming up. October had happened quickly this year.

At Aaron’s prompt to find a partner he started scanning the room, thinking it might be fun to pair with one of the first-years, when a voice addressed him. Anssi managed to fit in a quick “Hey” between the younger boy’s questions about cake pops. He recognized him as from Aquila, although the goal that the new Prefect had assigned himself to learn everyone’s names hadn’t yet made it far enough to remember right away what this boy’s name was - RMI was a small school, but still had enough going on that it was easy to lose track of people sometimes. He was sure it would come to him later, so for now the blonde focused on the cake questions.

“Cake pop?” he first repeated, making sure he had heard right. “Is that like a lollipop?” Not his favourite candies (that was salmiakki, the super-dark and salty liquorice sticks that he quietly kept a small hoard of in his closet drawers) but he did vaguely remember being handed a Moomin themed lollipop at some half-friend’s birthday party, way back before they moved to Texas. “I guess after making a ball of cake, you would need a way to make it stick it together. Maybe icing, or melted chocolate. Do you normally eat cake pops cold? They would have to cool off so that the icing or chocolate or whatever else holds together, but maybe there’s a charm to hold it together while it still tastes warm and fresh.” Pausing to consider this for a moment, Anssi added, “Are the sticks normally edible, too?” Hopefully the younger Aquila was a cake pop expert, because he definitely wasn’t.

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