Kašpar Szyszko

Nov. 11, 2019, 10:23 p.m.

T30 Aquila Head of House Speech

Bellamy did not close his eyes, as there was nothing to be afraid of. He simply stepped forward into the hole. Unlike a real hole, there was no sensation of falling, just a mildly disorienting shift in scenery as he landed instantaneously in the Aquila common-room. Impulsively wiping invisible dust from his pinstriped suit sleeves, he took an extra few steps ahead in anticipation of the students behind him, and observed the room for a moment while waiting for them to enter. From stone walls to the curtains hanging over magicked window sceneries, the House colours of grey and cream were prevalent through the entire space. The sleek, modern furniture in muted shades, combined with the current lack of students and their mess, made it feel vaguely like an Ikea showroom. Although unlike a showroom, the couch looked comfortable enough for even someone of his stature to nap on, and the fireplace steaming away in one corner was most definitely real (and might even hold some secrets that the Deputy Headmaster was not aware of… but the new students in Aquila House would learn for themselves soon enough).

“This is your House commons,” he said by means of an introduction, and called their attention to the back wall with a broad sweep of one arm. “The arch in the centre leads to a private strategy room.” He did not bother explaining what that meant, as the explanation he would have liked to give for it (that its purpose was to strategize for their future career or higher education plans) would be quickly dissolved when they went into the room and found it stuffed with a mixture of Muggle and magical games. Every other House got a private room with something resembling a professional function; Aquila got chess, cards, and Catan. It was baffling. “The doors on either side of it lead to your bedrooms. Boys and girls are separated; do not attempt to enter the opposite side, or else you will find yourself in the office of your Head of House.” Not that he honestly expected Robert Heir to carry out a suitable punishment for rule-breaking, but perhaps Robert not being here tonight meant that Bellamy could break through and appeal to the new students’ law-abiding sides before he corrupted them. This new idea in mind, he proceeded to lay out a list of rules to the new students - at least until his mechanized Rolex buzzed quietly against his wrist. He made a show of pulling back his sleeve to check it, and announced, “That marks your curfew. Now, go on up to your rooms, and get a good night’s sleep. Classes begin tomorrow.”

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