Professor Aaron McKindy

Sept. 5, 2020, 12:49 p.m.

HoH Speech Pt II - Welcome home

Stepping into the Cetus commonroom was almost an inherently calming action. It was clearly a place where people spent a lot of time being comfortable - there were large, soft chairs scattered about the room, with couches and bean-bags scattered around low tables making up the rest of the area. The furniture was set in small clusters, clearly intended for groups of students to spend time together. There was also a roaring fire in the fireplace giving off just the correct amount of heat. Above the mantle of the fireplace was an elaborate mural of the night sky, with constellations clearly visible.

Once the portrait hole had closed behind them and everyone had filed in to the commonroom, Aaron cleared his throat to catch their attention again.

“This is the Cetus commons,” he said. “There’s a quiet study room back there,” Aaron gestured at the room, which was separate from the rest of the area and had a closed door that was spelled to keep the commonroom noise out, “but this area doesn’t usually get too loud.

“Girls dorms are on your left, boys dorms on the right, don’t go up the stairs of the opposite gender’s dorms or you’ll suddenly find yourself in Headmaster Morgan’s office. If you have uh - gender issues,” that was something Aaron didn’t particularly understand, something that he would probably never say to Garen, who seemed to understand that sort of thing perfectly, “please let me know and we’ll figure out an alternate arrangement.” Aaron hoped there was going to be no such issue because he had no idea what an alternate arrangement would be.

“All right, that’s the gist of it,” he was pretty sure he hadn’t missed anything. “Does anyone have any questions? If not you can go on up to your rooms, your stuff should already be in there.”

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HoH Speech Pt II - Welcome home - Aaron McKindy || September 05