Marissa Kendrick

Nov. 11, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

Cetus HoH Speech

The Cetus common room was clearly a very comfortable space often inhabited by people who enjoyed spending a lot of time there. There were large, soft chairs all over the room and plump couches that were showing the slightest bit of wear. Around low tables were spread a collection of bean-bag chairs. With the furniture arranged in clusters as it was, it would be easy for a group of students to find seating together. There was also a roaring fire in the fireplace giving off just the correct amount of heat. Above the mantle of the fireplace was an elaborate mural of the night sky, with constellations clearly visible.

“Welcome to Cetus,” she said once everyone came inside and gathered around. “There’s a quiet study room back there,” Cindra gestured at the room, which was separate from the rest of the area and had a closed door that was spelled to keep the common room noise out, “but this area doesn’t usually get too loud. Or so I’m told. I have no idea, really. When I was a student I lived in Draco. ...huh, this is the first time I’m seeing Cetus common room, actually. Wild.”

She turned and realized she did not remember much of what she was told. It would probably be fine. “Well, those are staircases. You can get to your rooms that way. One side is for boys, the other is for girls. I… am not entirely sure which is which. Just wait for some older kids; I bet they’ll remember. Unless they’re nonbinary - don’t just assume gender based on appearance! I mean, but still ask - oh, actually I remember now. That way is the girls staircase, and that way is the boys.

“Anyway, make sure you go up the right one so you don’t get dropped into the Head’s office. Like I said, you’ll just get in trouble, and literally no one wants to talk to Deputy Head Fell. He’s the worst.” Cindra did not like the man, and she knew for a fact that the sentiment was shared.

“And that’s all you need to know. There are clubs and things you can sign up for eventually. Your things should already be in your rooms. I’ll see you for Defense Against the Dark Arts soon!” Cindra made for the exit, then squeaked and turned around one final time. “Right! Curfew is 10PM. Okay, now I’m going!”

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Cetus HoH Speech - Marissa Kendrick || November 11