Professor Estelle Blair

Sept. 4, 2020, 11:25 p.m.

T31 Draco Head of House Speech

When the first-years bravely followed her through the window, they would find Estelle waiting for them on the other side. A set of elegant dark red couches and chairs framed a fireplace behind her, with a few tables clustered about. Even further behind there was an open archway, with the edges of bookshelves just barely visible - this was a private library for Draco students. Theo was still holding on to his mum’s hand, but wasn’t paying any attention to the first-years. Instead, he was staring at a large dragon mural; the painting was charmed to periodically wink, flap its wings, or stomp its feet, and even flew around the walls once in a blue moon.

“Welcome to your new home.” Uncharacteristically, Estelle smiled at the first-years. (They were new students and would not yet know that this was uncharacteristic of her, but they would learn soon enough that a friendly smile was not terribly common coming from the rather rough-around-the-edges witch.) “This common room is your space, and so is the library over my shoulder. On either side of the library entrance, you’ll find a stairwell: the left stair leads to the boys’ dorm and the right to the girls’. Don’t get them mixed up, because I’ll find out.” If students tried to go up the wrong stairs, they would be immediately transported smack into her office, ready for a lecture - and not the academic type. “Other rules and information is posted on the bulletin board. You’ve got Prefects living on both sides of the dorms, so you’d better keep on your best behaviour. But really, as long as you’re treating everyone with respect, we’ll get on fine.” Theo was starting to tug on her hand in a let’s-leave way, so Estelle wrapped up her speech quickly. “Feel free to hop on up to your rooms; you’ll find your luggage is already there. And if you ever need me, just give a holler.” The school was full of portraits, not to mention one wild and occasionally well-intentioned poltergeist; a shout for a professor never went unheard for long.

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T31 Draco Head of House Speech - Estelle Blair || September 04