Alumni Directory

An incomplete directory of RMI characters considered active at the end of their 7th year. Listed by graduated term.

T0 - Reynaldo Bonilla, Cetus House
T0 - Aaron McKindy, Cetus House
T0 - Robert Hier, Cetus House
T0 - Garen Tennant, Cetus House
T0 - Arthur Bennett, Cetus House
T0 - Ivy Rasnick, Cetus House
T0 - Sonia Nanda, Cetus House
T0 - Estelle Blair, Cetus House
T0 - Marissa Toladaeri, Cetus House
T0 - Cindra Embers, Cetus House
T0 - Tobias Morgan, Cetus House
T0 - Bellamy Fell, Cetus House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - Busy, Busy House-Elves, None House
T0 - Samuel Boot, House
T0 - Eva Ramirez, House
T0 - Arianna Wilson, House
T0 - Kazimeras Luksa, House
T0 - Lorraine Taylor, House
T0 - Eunice Liang, House
T0 - Marissa Toladaeri, House
T0 - Cleo Rocamboli, House
T0 - Gerald Reid, House
T0 - Jeremy Ofosu, House
T0 - Shifty Eyes, None House
T0 - Iolanthe McCloud, None House
T0 - Kristen Brooks, None House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T0 - , House
T7 - Allegra Farnon, Cetus House
T7 - Kaseem Bakhum, Draco House
T7 - Hank Macrae, Lyra House
T7 - Ivy Dubois, Cetus House
T8 - Mónica Jiminez, Aquila House
T8 - Hector Edwards, Lyra House
T8 - Helena Edwards, Draco House
T8 - Gabriel Lemont III, Cetus House
T9 - Ophelia Harper, Lyra House
T10 - Alissa Kendrick, Lyra House
T10 - Hayden Young, Lyra House
T11 - Keith Blackburn, Draco House
T12 - Megan Macrae, Draco House
T13 - Anthony Havelock, Lyra House
T14 - Anders Blackburn, Aquila House
T15 - Megan Brenner, Aquila House
T15 - Rosetta Blackburn, Aquila House
T16 - Elise Jacobs, Lyra House
T17 - Veronika Blackburn, Draco House
T19 - Fatima Morgan, Cetus House
T19 - Logan Brophy, Lyra House
T19 - Aoife McGuire, Cetus House
T20 - Reece Campbell, Draco House
T20 - Charline York née Adler, Lyra House
T21 - Copeland Henkes, Cetus House
T21 - Michael Lawrence, Jr. , Aquila House
T21 - Kašpar Szyszko, Aquila House
T22 - Elizabeth Knight, Lyra House
T22 - Benjamin Adler, Draco House
T23 - Anthony Leppit, Cetus House
T23 - Tammy Wooding, Draco House
T23 - Bessie Mae Cavanaugh, Aquila House
T25 - Franklin Munro, Lyra House
T25 - Nick Holtz, Draco House
T25 - Lucien Dubois, Draco House
T25 - Francine Holtz, Cetus House
T25 - Sorsha Nolan, Lyra House
T26 - Elijah Carthy, Cetus House
T26 - Camilla Baird, Cetus House
T27 - Rose Farnon, Aquila House
T27 - Dardanius Dubois, Lyra House
T27 - Holland Keene, Lyra House
T27 - Marissa Kendrick, Aquila House
T27 - Armaan Bansal, Aquila House
T27 - Ruben Lundqvist, Aquila House
T27 - Maverick Buchannan, Cetus House
T28 - Russell Drew, Cetus House
T28 - Emmett Lawrence, Lyra House
T28 - Kaye Packman, Aquila House
T28 - Myfanwy Owen, Lyra House
T29 - Brynjolf Nilssen, Draco House
T29 - Nolan Ramsey, Aquila House
T29 - Caleb Taylor, Lyra House
T30 - Wyatt Munro, Cetus House
T30 - Connor Farnon, Cetus House
T30 - Marley Chapman, Lyra House
T30 - Claudia Dubois, Cetus House
T30 - Andres Fernández, Cetus House
T30 - Leopold Harris , Lyra House
T30 - Rhiya Bansal, Lyra House
T30 - Alice Lemont*, Lyra House
T30 - Annie Ehrenstein*, Draco House
T30 - Skylar Kimmel*, Aquila House
T31 - Beatriz Bonilla-Estevez, Lyra House
T31 - Petra Stiglitz, Aquila House
T31 - Sara de Alba, Lyra House
T31 - Remington Burnham, Draco House
T31 - Raja Nazari-Richards, Aquila House
T31 - Teal Rosse, Draco House
T31 - Dhruv Bansal, Draco House
T31 - Magdalena Adler, Lyra House
T31 - Dwight Finn, Draco House
T31 - Amy Chang*, Lyra House
T31 - Joshua Kwegyir-Aggrey*, Aquila House
T31 - Giovanni Carboni*, Draco House
T31 - Natalia Carboni*, Cetus House
T32 - Hunter Ioma, Lyra House
T32 - Dakota Farnon, Cetus House
T32 - Nathaniel Booker, Cetus House
T32 - Tains Basilio, Cetus House
T32 - Stella Ramiro, Lyra House
T32 - Alistair Hazelhurst, Cetus House
T32 - Nalo Darsha, Draco House
T32 - Thomas Miller, Cetus House
T32 - Momoka Saito, Cetus House
T32 - Darlene Knight, Lyra House
T32 - Katherine Kendrick, Lyra House
T32 - Mikael Lundqvist, Draco House
T32 - Andrew Tennant, Cetus House
T32 - Silas Graley, Aquila House
T32 - Ellen Cooke, Aquila House
T32 - Lydia Hart, Cetus House
T32 - William Bloom, Cetus House
T32 - Malachi Crenton*, Draco House
T32 - Huburt Park*, Cetus House
T32 - Yazmin Al-Lehaibi*, Aquila House
T33 - Corriander Terrance , Aquila House
T33 - Lilly-Anna Shu, Aquila House
T33 - Dylan Xavier, Draco House
T33 - Satveer Mittal, Lyra House
T33 - Clayton Reinhart, Draco House
T33 - Jesse Keller, Draco House
T33 - Malachi Çenturion, Draco House
T33 - Jameson Daegan, Cetus House
T33 - Quinn Walker, Cetus House
T33 - Grant Arrington*, Lyra House
T33 - Ella Franklin*, Draco House
T33 - Ruth Fischer*, Aquila House
T33 - Rosemarie Lemont*, Cetus House
T34 - Grayson Ioma, Aquila House
T34 - Susan Bradby, Lyra House
T34 - Keith Allen, Draco House
T34 - Casper Levine, Cetus House
T34 - Leon Finnin, Cetus House
T34 - Inga Berzina, Draco House
T34 - Joseph Blair, Draco House
T34 - Elliot Phippen, Aquila House
T34 - Georgina Philpott, Aquila House
T34 - Eugene Hardie, Lyra House
T34 - Tycho Leppit, Lyra House
T34 - Sadie Embers, Cetus House
T34 - Norah Nilssen, Lyra House
T34 - Poppy Hawk, Draco House
T34 - Grace Ann Morris*, Lyra House
T34 - Jarrett Skahill*, Draco House
T34 - Priyanka Ramadevi*, Cetus House
T34 - Violet Rosse*, Aquila House
T35 - Vivica Dixon, Cetus House
T35 - Leah Roth, Draco House
T35 - Deagret Wyckland, Draco House
T35 - Jacob Fitz, Lyra House
T35 - Jason Fitz, Aquila House
T35 - Amelia Rosette, Cetus House
T35 - Deja Torres, Draco House
T35 - Bethel Anderson*, Aquila House
T35 - Trystan Janzen*, Cetus House
T35 - Sawyer Mercer*, Draco House
T35 - Emilia Rodriguez*, Lyra House
T36 - Margaret Booth, Cetus House
T36 - Maeve Ashworth, Cetus House
T36 - Mia Raven, Draco House
T36 - Madeleine Tennant-McKindy, Draco House
T36 - Nylah Corbyn*, Aquila House
T36 - Arsinoe Vasilakis*, Cetus House
T36 - Avi Koprowski*, Draco House
T36 - Diego Bonilla-Estevez*, Lyra House
T36 - Pippa Colliwell, Draco House
T36 - Paige Blair, Aquila House
T37 - Dmitry Kovalchuk-Rojkovsky, Cetus House
T37 - Sarah Fischer*, Draco House
T37 - Rhiannon Taren, Draco House
T37 - Paola DeMarco, Draco House
T37 - Wynonna Wakefield, Lyra House
T37 - Daphne Lemont*, Aquila House
T37 - Riker Larson*, Lyra House
T37 - Nathan Markopoulos*, Cetus House
T37 - Summer Brooks, Lyra House
T37 - Jasper Paxton, Aquila House
T37 - Charlier Myers, Aquila House
T37 - Fernando Reyes, Lyra House
T38 - Josephina Archer, Aquila House
T38 - Elisabeth Harris, Cetus House
T38 - Angelo Cozzolino, Lyra House
T38 - Kaytelinn Stewart*, Cetus House
T38 - Jan Koprowski*, Aquila House
T38 - Ramon Castillo*, Draco House
T38 - Maisie Newton*, Lyra House