Basic Reversal Solution

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The Basic Reversal Solution serves to reduce or eliminate the effects of weak potions or minor symptoms of curses, jinxes, or hexes. It has the brief side effect of turning the tongue of the drinker purple.


This solution often finds its use with small children and students in magical schools who come on the wrong side of a prank. Some students in Aquila House have been known to stockpile Basic Reversal Solution with the knowledge that it will inevitably come in use.


In order to create a Basic Reversal Solution, one needs three drams of spirit vinegar, a tablespoon of dill seeds, and the skin from one medium shrivelfig. The directions are:

  1. fill a cauldron half full of water and bring it to a boild.
  2. mix three drams of spirit vinegar with a tablespoon of dill seeds. Let sit.
  3. skin a shrivelfig (it is suggested you bottle the juice in order to prevent waste).
  4. boil the shrivelfig skin for four minutes, stirring anticlockwise every 45 seconds.
  5. reduce the heat and remove the shrivelfig skin.
  6. once simmering, add spirit vinegar solution and stir clockwise twelve times.
  7. strain and bottle while warm.




  • often taught in first year Potions class.
  • reversal solutions are a subset of antidotes, and often have similar ingredients