Connor Farnon


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 12/29
Wand: 7 inches, fir and unicorn tail hair


Although Connor entered RMI as a quieter, bookish person, easily described as the most mellow of his siblings, in his first several years he found himself becoming increasingly stressed and high-strung. His adherence to pureblood values has increased as he has gotten older, largely a reaction to his more unpredictable classmates, whose unpredictability he frequently blames on a poor upbringing without structure. Overall, Connor is most comfortable in highly structured situations and outside of those situations finds himself stiff and uncomfortable. At home, he often finds himself mediating between his headstrong older sister and their father. His self-image is very strongly tied to familial appearances, which has increasingly caused conflict between himself and his younger brother.


Connor has brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin is lighter and his eyes seem a little too big in his face. His robes, previously too big for him, are now a little small as he has begun to grow. As a third year, he currently stands at 5'3", slightly taller than his older sister.


The Farnons are a well-off pureblood family whose primary estate is in Devonshire, and Connor was raised accordingly. He was only two years old when his mother died and six when his father, Charles Farnon, remarried, introducing both a stepmother and a stepsister into the family. Aside from perpetual familial conflict between his older sister and his father, Connor's upbringing was relatively normal. Her father chose to send his children to RMI after repeated arguments with Rose, in which she insisted she wanted to go there because she felt it would bring her closer to her mother. Connor had a relatively uneventful first year, keeping mostly to himself, but in his second year he found himself as the focus of the attention of Marley Chapman, who he finds utterly inappropriate and mildly terrifying. After an extended incident involving Cheese Whiz, Connor has dedicated much of his time to avoiding Marley. As a third year, Connor began dating Claudia Dubois exclusively, at her suggestion.


Peace and quiet, blueberry pie, and reading books on rainy afternoons


People who are melodramatic and people who pull pranks; Marley Chapman and Cheese Whiz


Currently, Connor has no ambitions other than a vague desire to perform adequately in school and a sense of obligation to continue in his responsibilities to his family, whatever his father determines those to be.