Megan Macrae


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


As the youngest child of four and the only girl, Megan grew up both being sheltered by her brothers and holding her own against them. She was (and is) still a little uncertain of herself when she is taking initiative on something, but she has learned over the years to pretend she isn't. Despite her occasional lack of confidence in herself, Megan is a stubborn young woman and when she is decisive enough to decide what she wants, is likely to get it. Family is of utmost importance to Megan and has been the driving force behind many of the decisions she has made over the years.


Megan is taller than average with white-blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back and is usually tied back in a single braid. Aside from her height, Megan's build is relatively average. She has brown eyes and does not need glasses or contacts. Megan's ears are pierced, and she usually wears simple earrings paired with a necklace or, more rarely, bracelets. Her clothes are always neat and professional, although they tend toward the more brightly patterned and colored. On a typical day, Megan will wear flats or kitten heels but on days she visits her brother at work she switches to riding boots with jeans and a more durable shirt, typically flannel.


As the second magical child in a Muggle family, Megan had things a little bit easier than her six-years-older brother, Hank. However, their other two brothers, Jake (one year older than her) and Jake (three years older than her) felt left out after their second sibling manifested magic and they didn't, and they tended to behave in a more prejudiced way against both Megan and Hank during breaks. Despite all of that, Megan was and remains extremely loyal to her family. The Macraes live in Oak Creek, Colorado and used to own a ranch. Just after Megan's fourth year at RMI, her father died and the family was forced to sell the ranch and their livestock and move into town. By that point, Hank had moved out and was estranged from his family but all three of the other Macrae children got jobs in order to help out around the house. Consequently, Megan dropped out of RMI and returned to Muggle high school where she graduated as valedictorian of her 14-person class. Through high-school and after, she worked as a waitress at the local diner. Finances had stabilized by the time Megan turned 19, and with some work she was accepted at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado where she got an education degree and shortly after, finished her teaching certification. Megan wanted to move back to Oak Creek in order to continue living with her mother, but there were no elementary education positions open in the nearby area. Instead, she moved to Denver to live with Hank. She now teaches second grade at a Montessori school in the city. Megan, Rob, and Jake are still financially supporting their mother, who never quite recovered from her husband's death. Megan is trying to convince her mother to move to the city, or somewhere nearby where it will be easier to help care for her.