Tobias Morgan


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Toby is a very friendly, cheerful, and enthusiastic person. In fact, he so regularly exhibits such profound enthusiasm for everything that he is very difficult to say no to; when ideas are shot down, he just comes up with newer and better ones. Unfortunately, his ideas rarely actually get better and usually are just more enthusiastic. Although Toby is very caring, he does have a problem actually empathizing with people who are upset, so he does have the tendency to become annoying to those he has close relationships with. Consequently, he has been exceptionally unsuccessful romantically and has more-or-less given up on finding a wife and having a conventional family, although he is very attached to his adopted daughter and considers himself a father-figure for his students.


A friendly (or slightly mad) smile is perpetually present on Toby Morgan's face. His nose is a bit beakish and is easily the most prominant portion of his face, but his wide smile and laughing, blue eyes usually take attention away from his nose. His hair is dark and somewhat curly. Toby's style of dress does its best to always embody the line between formal and casual, since he feels an obligation towards formality due to his job and position, but his personality is somewhat intrinsically opposed to that sort of thing.


Born and raised in Cardiff, Wales, Tobias still carries his childhood accent in his voice. He attended Hogwarts and spent seven years as a successful, but nondescript, Hufflepuff. He was a member of each club in the school at least once, but never for longer than a year or two. In the end, he graduated with above-average marks on his exams, then went on to magical university in Denmark. After acquiring a dual degree in Magical Regulations and Education, Tobias went on to work for the International Wizarding Council of Education. Despite his youth, Toby proved himself to be exceedingly competent and soon rose in the ranks. He served as an emergency Headmaster in several schools throughout the world, stepping in for the previous Heads when the unexpected occurred. At thirty-three, Toby served a year and a half in a school in Kuwait due to political complications (including a kidnapping) that rendered the former Head unfit for duty. There, he met a young Kuwaiti girl named Fatima at a UN-sponsored orphanage and, a year later, had officially adopted her. After Kuwait, Toby and Tima spent a year in Sweden, six months in Guatemala, another six months in France, and a year and a half in Benin before coming to the United States to work at RMI when Toby was 39 and Tima was 9. After serving as RMI's Headmaster for three years, Toby was moved to a start-up school in Alaska. The school was ultimately unable to achieve sustainable enrollment numbers, at which point the IWCE asked him to serve as the Headmaster of the New Zealand Academy of Magic. After two years as Head there, Toby applied for a job within the educational development sector of the IWCE. He got the job, and spent ten years working to further the IWCE's educational goals before realizing that he missed working directly with students. As it happened, the IWCE was looking to temporarily transfer Headmasters with RMI for professional development reasons. Toby very enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity and is excited to be working at RMI once again!