Caleb Taylor


Written By Maria

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Caleb is a very low-key chill fifteen-year old. However, he tends to become competitive when it comes to Quidditch. He loves sports and he shows it. In the academic side of things, Caleb has acceptable grades, but rarely puts in too much effort. He is smart, but he prefers the physical side of things. He knows he will go into Professional Quidditch or something that has to do with his beloved sport. The fifteen-year old is very friendly and open-minded. He likes to befriend the people around him, but if someone doesn't like him he doesn't give a crap. Their loss, really. Since Caleb is very good at Quidditch, he tends to be a bit full of himself especially because he is certain he is good looking. However, that part of his personality is almost always silenced by his more cool demeanor. Caleb tends to flow away with life and enjoy what it has brought him so far. He can't complain about anything, really. Also, having three younger siblings have taught him to be beyond patient, especially since Thomas tends to cling around him. He is secretly smug his younger brother looks up to him that much.


Caleb has dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. He thinks his eyes are his best feature and loves. The fifteen-year old stands at 6ยด0 after his latest growth spurt the summer before starting at RMI. His mother says he will probably continue to grow a few more inches before he graduates school. The young blonde boy recently started working out to complete his Quidditch training and due to that he has begun to get more muscley. Another thing that he is proud of. He usually wears jeans, t-shirts, and converses. When he is cold he adds a hoodie. Caleb hates formal wear, but does it when his mother makes him, which, thankfully, is not that often.


The Taylors can be considered Pureblood in the sense that the last 5 generations are magical, but they aren't the type of Aristocratic Pureblood that somewhat rules the wizarding society. Caleb and his family live in Chicago, Illinois. His father is an experimental charm researcher and works for a private company while her mother works as a Healer for the local magical hospital. Caleb has three younger siblings: Thomas, Wesley and Penelope. His baby sister was born a few months before he transferred to RMI. She was a surprise to everyone, especially his mother, Susan. The family dynamics changed when Penny was borns. Caleb was transferred from a local magical school in Chicago to RMI to provide him with a more multicultural education.