Casper Levine


Written By Max

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: 05/12


Being the son of an over-exuberant witch and a somewhat generally-baffled muggle, and the elder brother of a loud and boisterous boy suffering enormously from the dreaded 'younger sibling syndrome', Casper has often been described as quiet and unassuming by those who don't know him on a more personal level. That, in fact, would be an inaccurate description of Casper. He is a boy who is bright and curious about the world around him but simple never seems to have a chance to ask questions; a boy who would make an excellent trickster had all his efforts not been thwarted by his brother before having a proper chance to wreak havoc; a boy who, unfortunately, feels continually in competition with those around him, which makes him work harder to succeed, as disappointing somebody would be the worst outcome in any given situation.


The first thing that others tend to notice about Casper is his height, or lack thereof, tending to stand several inches shorter than the vast majority of boys his age, despite his perfectly average build. From a distance, one would suggest his short, purposefully scruffy, hair is black, but in reality it is a dark chocolate brown and offers a hint of auburn in the sunlight. He has one small patch of white hair – no more than a few strands – just above his left ear; nobody can say for certain why, he was born that way, but his brother prefers to tell everyone that Casper was dropped as a baby and that's also why he's so short. Below a fringe that could be considered too long – though often pushed back – Casper has greyish blue eyes. He has a rather sweet and innocent smile, though a short diagonal scar just to the right of his top lip lends itself well to the imagination. In actual fact, the scar came from an unfortunate event, spoken about by friends and relatives only as 'The Window Incident.'


Despite his mother being magically inclined, Casper and his family lived in what could only be described as a rather muggle way. His father is an accountant and spends a great deal of his time working, but entertaining clients with dinner in the family home was one of his favourite pastimes, meaning that anything to do with magic had to be kept strictly on the down low. While not a family who could be described as rich, the Levines were not poor by any means, either. Living a wonderfully comfortable life in a sensible sized home that offered the usual luxuries like a bidet, and a cat flap into the wine cellar, they were a generally happy family.