Leon Finnin


Written By Eddie

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood


Leon has become very guarded in recent years, do to being pulled out of grade school, and living a pretty sheltered life . He is still a little naive to the world and can be pretty gullible because of this. Also, despite being a very friendly person, he doesn't consider many people friends. He may rub people the wrong way, because he often speaks or acts without thinking. Though he takes nothing at face value, he treats everyone with respect, that is what his mother taught him. The boy also has no real knowledge of the "Magical World" even though his mother is a witch. Leon always is able to get what he wants in the end, and will stop at nothing to attain it, though he may fall short at first, he will do better at the next attempt, after all mistakes are only mistakes if you never learn from them.


Leon is rather short for his age. He has piercing blue eyes that shine below a messy crop of blond hair. The boy does have a slivered scar on his nose from an accident when he was five. He is rather skinny, with ill fitting clothes. Also, he stands proper to make the most of his short stature, though he may look like a boy playing dress up in his father closet.


Leon’s mother, Mary, was the first in her family to be born in america. Though born to a muggle Irish family, she got a letter to attend Library School of Philadelphia. Her parents, and siblings, though confused at first, allowed her to attend the school, which she graduated from. After spending some time in Philadelphia after schooling, she decided to move back to Connecticut to live with her family. Her eldest sister and Mary, started a bakery, which grew in fame in no time. After both her parents died, at 26 Mary decided to leave the bakery and move to California to make a name for herself in the film industry. That is where she met Ryan Finnin, an 8 generation Irish american. They fell in love, she decided to settle down, she had 3 kids with him. Leon is the youngest of these children, the oldest being James, and middle being Rose. Neither of Leon’s siblings exhibited any magical ability, so Mary thought nothing would happen enrolling Leon into basic elementary school. Everything changed when Leon went flying out of a 2nd story window in his 3rd grade year, which led, strangely, to teasing from his classmates. That is when Mary shut the rest of the world out of Leon’s life, and started homeschooling him, waiting for an letter for some school, as to not send the boy across the country to her Alma mater. Having lost contact with the Magical world, she had no clue where to begin out west. When a letter for Leon arrived by Owl for RMI, she had some relief, after all, she wasn’t sending an 11 year old off to the other side of the country, but he would still be states away. She ended up getting a hold of someone who told her where to buy his books and clothing, however being so last minute, she ended up buying him a size up for the uniform than he needed, and supplemented that which she couldn't afford with Jame's hand-me-downs.