Inga Berzina


Written By Ann

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood


Inga does not trust easily. Not due to any trauma in her past but rather a general mistrust of humanity until individuals prove themselves otherwise. Friendship is a precious gift to be bestowed on the few, not a party favor to be handed out to people just for showing up. Thus, people tend to think of her as a sullen child. However, to her few friends Inga is a smiley chatterbox, always asking questions and wanting to know all about her friends' lives. She is also quite fond of the outdoors, often found creating daisy chains or mushroom hunting in the forest for Inga believes nature is the greatest magic of all. Finally, thanks to her Latvian upbringing, Inga is also extremely superstitious, and will take immediate action to remedy any action she considers to be bad luck.


Inga is tall for her age with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. She is noted for never wearing a color lighter than slate gray. If a color darker than black is ever invented or can be conjured, then she will wear that color. Her hair is long and reaches about to her waist, and she alternates between leaving it down and braiding it in pigtails.


Inga grew up in Latvia with her magical mother, Agnes, and her muggle father, Janis. Latvians, both magical and muggle, are much closer to their pagan and magical roots than other cultures, so her father never questioned when her mother would come back with some herb he had never seen before and claim it would heal ailments; or when her mother would take her to the beach and teach her incantations to say over the driftwood they carved to protect their home. Likewise, her mother was just as delighted and unsurprised when Inga's father would take them downtown to see movies, or take the train to Ventspils for the day. This quite literal marriage of the magical and muggle was the environment in which Inga spent her entire life until her acceptance at RMI. While Agnes had no formal magical schooling, she and Janis insisted that Inga go to the best schools available in Riga until Inga was of age to go to a magical institution. There, Inga learned English (a funny language where the order of the words mattered, not just the ending of the words) along with all the typical courses in elementary school. However, when her eleventh birthday came around, her parents informed her that they would be moving to the United States so Inga could go to RMI for her magical education. Janis had found a job at the local forestry department, and Agnes could continue to floo to her job from Denver, so it was all set, and wasn't she excited for the move? So that was how 2 weeks ago, she ended up in Boulder, Colorado.