Vivica Dixon


Written By Ian

Gender: female
Blood Status: Muggle-born


has no siblings, she has a soft spot for weaker or younger children, and will often befriend them and bring them into her social circle. Vivica is very accommodating and accepting of others. Whilst she doesn’t ascribe to religion (she prefers an evidence based approach), she will go out of her way to defend others rights to have those views and beliefs, even if they contrast to her own. She doesn’t stand for bullies or peer pressure. As strong as Vivica can be, her true strength is also her largest anxiety. Sometimes it will all appear too much and she will hold her right hand to her right ear, close her eyes tight and quietly hum and sometimes wince or even loudly snap at herself. For years she’d been able to pass this off as Tourettes, but it was becoming harder to explain these episodes away.


Vivica is of a slender build and an average height. Her pale complexion is a stark contrast to that of her long, straight, black hair. Though she often wears it in a ponytail, she loves for people to sit and play with it. She will often dress in dark clothing with brightly coloured footwear. This has, on multiple occasions, resulted in the odd passer by, loudly and un-provokingly, calling her a goth. In truth, whilst she doesn’t associate herself with goth-dom, she doesn’t mind the label. She just prefers darker clothing.


Vivica comes from a moderately affluent to-do middle class, muggle family. When Vivica was 10, her family moved to America for her mum’s job (she is a Specialist Pediatric Surgical Consultant). The family live quite comfortably on her mother’s salary, so Vivica’s dad is the homemaker. Vivica’s father became a homemaker whilst they were still in the UK, not long after Vivica started having the episodes. To begin with, her episodes were overwhelming. Noises and static filled her head drowning her own thoughts out and often rendering her incapable of speech. Her parent’s, unsure of what was happening, sort the council of numerous clinical and mental health professionals with little avail. As she grew, Vivica learned leave out certain truths regarding the voices and noises in her head. She’d managed to convince people that her symptoms were such that of Tourettes. In most cases, it only really happen now when she’s overly emotional or stressed, though this is not always the case.