Joseph Blair


Written By Sasha

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: March 12
Wand: unknown


Joey is a fairly laid-back type. He genuinely enjoys most of his classes and is good at school without trying too hard, especially book stuff, though he isn’t the best at wandwork. He’s not offended at being referred to as a nerd, although he wouldn’t consider himself one, and sometimes looks for ways to break out of that mold. Patient almost to a fault, he’s easy to get along with and has earned a few good friends over the years. The influence of his friends tends to be what gets him involved in things, especially his roommate Jarrett, with whom he co-writes for the school paper Rocky Voices and has been talked into signing up for joint Talent Show performances in the past too. He isn’t too athletic at RMI, preferring to nap on the Quidditch pitch instead of playing, but at home he’s fond of surfing and is often found outdoors.


Physically, Joey takes entirely after his Thai mum. His overgrown hair is straight and dark, his eyes are heavy-lidded and dark, and his skin looks tanned from a distance but actually it's just also naturally dark. With slight, delicate facial features and an almost upturned nose, his baby pictures are nearly indistinguishable from his younger sister's. He prioritizes comfort over fashion and doesn’t mind wearing robes at school, as it’s a helpful way to stay in joggers or even shirtless all day if he feels like it. He's thankfully grown taller, although still stands on the short side of average.


Born out of wedlock to May Nguyen, a second-gen immigrant from Thailand and journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald, and Cooper Blair, a pureblooded Ozzie and the (not self-proclaimed but not denied either) dumbest aerospace engineer around, the childhood of Joey Blair can best be described by the baby kangaroo his nickname unironically references. His early years passed in very close proximity to his family, growing up in his aunt Estelle's sometimes too cozy flat with his sometimes too hot-and-cold newlywed parents. The arrival of his little sister Paige coincided with his aunt's wedding, the monthly allowance for renting her flat was put towards buying it, he flailed through kiddie swim lessons and bounced from daycare to primary, and along the way they discovered that one thing he had inherited from his dad's Pureblood lineage was his magic - which in turn required May to find out what a Pureblood lineage even was. Somehow the fact that Cooper had accidentally kept his Magical World secret for years didn't result in them getting divorced. Miraculous, really.


Being outdoors, not wearing socks, swimming, surfing, kicking back with friends, being dragged on adventures by his friends (he usually goes willingly)


Not much, really


Also not much. It’d be nice if someone wanted to date him, but at his young age Joey’s already come to terms with the reality that Asian nerdy types aren’t date-able by popular standards.