Elliot Phippen


Written By Sophia

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood


An adventurous extrovert, Elliot enjoys being around a lot of people (friends or strangers), but not necessarily as the center of attention. He is sensory- and thrill-seeking and enjoys flying, visiting his mother’s nightclub, spicy food, and the horror genre of video games and movies. He tends to be impulsive if he has an idea he thinks will be fun, but he’s smart enough to direct those ideas strategically. Elliot swears more than the average eleven-year-old. His parents have few rules at home, and they explain the reasoning behind the rules they do make in detail. Consequently, Elliot has little regard for arbitrary rules and “because I said so” authority. If you catch Elliot breaking a rule, you’re likely to hear a stubborn explanation of a loophole that allows him to do what he wanted, and he’s likely to egg others on to join him.


Like his mother, Elliot has black hair and silver-grey eyes. His hair often ends up windswept or tousled, depending on whether he’s been flying or doing something active on land, and he rarely remembers to fix it. Like his father, Elliot has fair skin and sunburns easily. Elliot is skinny, and his elbows are pointy enough that it’ll hurt if he elbows you, which might happen on accident if he’s overexcited or on purpose if he thinks you’re being a jerk and need to knock it off. He is below average height for his age. When Elliot smiles, one side of his mouth quirks up a little higher than the other, making all of his grins (usually appropriately) mischievous.


Elliot grew up in a suburb of New York City. He is the oldest child and only son of Ophelia Harper (Lyra alumna) and Jimmy Phippen. Lia owns and operates a mixed magical-Muggle nightclub called Peregrine; Jimmy, a Muggle, designs video games. Elliot has inherited Lia’s fearlessness and Jimmy’s nerdiness. Elliot has a younger sister named Ariana. Elliot occasionally lets Ari win in multiplayer games or gives her advice on single-player games, and they usually get along despite (or perhaps because of) their five-year age difference. The Phippen family expresses affection freely, but they’re as likely to express it with a good-natured teasing as they are with friendly physical contact, a habit Elliot has acquired.