Georgina Philpott


Written By B

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Georgina has a short temper. She is prone to vocal and violent outbursts, and has no trouble making her opinion known. She likes to laugh, often at people, but sometimes with them. She is quite witty and sometimes shares a joke with others, but is equally happy to laugh alone. She doesn’t often consider others’ feelings, and believes people should take responsibility for their own emotions, not blame other people for making them feel bad. She will readily point out others’ faults, and just as readily accept her own. She likes to hear gossip, but prefers to spread it, with the excuse that people shouldn’t be ashamed of their actions. When not provoked, Georgina is laid back; she doesn’t hold a grudge. She is forgetful, losing objects often and allowing important dates to pass her by. She prefers to spend time with others than be alone, and is - underneath a demeaning exterior - loyal and protective of her friends. She supports the underdog, has issues with authority figures, and lives for fun.


Gigi is tall and lanky for her age, and has been tall for every age she’s experienced so far. She has untameable hair that is dark brown in colour, and tightly curled frizz in texture. Her eyes are brown, her teeth are slightly oversized but at least they are straight, and her skin is pale enough that it can be broadly described as white, although in reality it’s more like a light ocre. Her ears are pierced once each, and her clothing style is whatever she can find in her room that is clean: usually skinny jeans or jeggnings, a t-shirt or blouse knotted above her waist, and footwear in varying stages of disintegration. She does sometimes like to wear skirts and dresses, but is not taken with the idea of wearing a robe. Georgina usually tries some way of keeping her hair back from her face, with a band or bandana, but she doesn’t mind it getting everywhere or letting it do its own thing.


Georgina is the accidental child of Christian Philpott, previous Spellwork teacher at RMI. Her mother, Angela Wirral, is an English witch born to a young Romany woman, fathered by a tourist (believed to be from New Zealand) whose identity remains unknown. Angela was raised by a series of foster families in London, and met Christian at International Animagus Conventions: his form is a duck-billed platypus, hers is a honey badger. Although they had not planned for a family (or even a relationship), Christian and Angela raised Georgina together, initially at magic schools in Europe, more recently at their family home in Herefordshire in the UK. As she has been fired from several magic schools in Europe (for inappropriate teaching methods or poor relationships with colleagues. Or both), she has agreed that Georgina will attend RMI, instead. Before RMI, Georgina has attended a Muggle village school, keeping her magic concealed outside her home.