Nick Holtz


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: 07/27
Wand: 14 inches, applewood and unicorn tail hair


Focus and determination are two strong traits of Nick’s. He is extremely self-motivated, rarely looking for external validation, and has a good sense of discipline. Nick is usually slow to anger, but has a loyalty to family and friends that has gotten him in trouble. Although Nick is incapable of not caring about what he perceives as his responsibilities, schoolwork is not very high on his list of priorities.


Nick is of medium height with blonde hair and brown eyes. His skin is light. Usually, Nick wears jeans or cargo pants with a loose t-shirt. Due to his love of swimming and dancing, Nick is slim but well-muscled. He has a lucky necklace that he wears sometimes (but not always - he’s afraid of the luck running out).


Nick and his twin, Francine, were born to a halfblood family and were raised in both the Muggle and magical worlds. They went to a Muggle elementary school, but frequently took family field trips to magical zoos. Overall, they have had very little contact with their magical family due to their mother’s disownment before their birth. Their family is comfortably middle class; their father is a lawyer and their mother creates and bottles home remedy potions for a limited magical market.


B movies / films in general, dancing, Quidditch, dancing, comics


Lizards (he's afraid of them), ghosts, the fact that the wizarding world doesn't have movie theaters


to become a professional dancer