Bellamy Fell


Written By Sasha

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Precise, balanced, calculating and well-reasoned. Do these words describe Bellamy's fiscal reports or his own mentality? Trick question. The answer is "both". A man after the facts and only the facts, he is capable of using more emotional arguments when necessary, for instance, when manipulating-- erm, persuading-- wealthy business owners to see the value of contributions towards children's education. But he will always return to the black-and-white pro-and-con scaling that has become his comfortable routine over the years. Known neither for smiling nor frowning, Bellamy’s serious demeanour is more commonly accompanied by a tapping finger while in thought or a nod to express satisfaction. His ideals are firmly conservative and he is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, albeit non-practicing.


Bellamy likes to think that his Spanish ancestry can be told from a glance, but in truth, his hooked nose is the only feature carrying over from the old portrait of a too-many-times-great grandfather that hangs over his desk. Having recently crossed over the line between "late thirties" and "early forties", his preference for a clean-shaven and well-groomed appearance helps keep him on the younger side of that line, at least aesthetically. His wavy hair is trimmed close, the odd greying strand thankfully making it appear simply a lighter shade of brown overall; his small mustache is kept straight with a pinch of oil every morning. He has a thin pair of reading glasses, but when not faced by numbers Bellamy's blue eyes are kept unobscured. Standing at 5’8 with a slightly rounding figure, he is never seen in public wearing anything but impeccably tailored suits and colour-coordinated ties.


If asked to provide his own backstory, Bellamy would start off with an explanation of how his family lineage can be traced back several hundred years to the early Spanish settlements of the southwestern United States via a gentleman whose signature on a property transfer record identifies him only as "S. D. Valdez". That would be a highly unnecessary use of our time here, though, so let's skip ahead. Eldest in a family of five, Bellamy Adrian Fell was born and raised in suburban Tucson, Arizona. Exactly when the Fells were granted access to their current gated magical community is unknown; their Pureblood status has been maintained at least four generations, though unlikely to go as far back as the above-mentioned Spaniard. He attended his father's alma mater, the Frontier Academy of Magic in Texas, followed by an accounting degree at Arizona State University. It was during his university studies that he received and accepted two propositions. The first was a betrothal request made by the Perkins family of North Dakota, which resulted in a one-year engagement and subsequent marriage to their daughter Simone. The second was an offer to join the IWCE's expanding European funding division, which resulted in the newlyweds' move to Belgium immediately following his university graduation ceremony. Bellamy enjoyed his job perhaps a bit too much, moving steadily up the ranks in both seniority and donor outcomes until one day he was juggling both the title of "Assistant Director" and "ex-husband slash single father". (Not to worry - his divorce was tiresome at times, but he emerged successful, managing to keep hold on the majority of his finances and their formerly co-owned home in Ghent as well as become legally estranged from any responsibilities of false fatherhood. It's laughably easy to pull the court to your side when your very Caucasian wife pops out a very mixed-race baby, especially considering how normal your first child was.) Fortunately, this combination of titles seems not to have decreased his desirability as a partner. Rather than make a second attempt at marriage, however, Bellamy has decided for now that he will use this unanticipated change in his personal life to broaden his professional expertise as well. Despite spending close to twenty years working to draw in greater quantity and quality of donors for IWCE programming, the most involvement he has ever personally had with the academic programs was during his own studies, and then more recently, when getting his daughter Mona set up for her first year of classes at the Frontier Academy. Seeing the job posting for a new Deputy Head at RMI was an intriguing chance to transfer his skills over, or rather, to see whether they could be transferred over.