Eugene Hardie


Written By Niamh

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: 04 February


Prone to boredom, Eugene enjoys being in the company of others. He is persistent in pursuits of friendship and often fails to recognise when someone wishes to be left alone. A morning person, Eugene is rarely in bad spirits unless he has been left in his own company for too long. He likes to keep himself busy and avoids quiet spaces preferring to be surrounded by activity even when studying. Eugene is easily excited. He approaches tasks with confidence and is not easily dissuaded by failure. He rarely considers consequences and reacts impulsively to situations. Eugene does not hold onto grudges very long- having grown up with so many siblings he is used to receiving (and dishing out) some teasing.


Eugene is small and scrawny for his age with ashy hair that curls over his ears. His large brown eyes are hidden by thick framed glasses. His complexion is tanned from hours spent outdoors and he has a small mole on the left side of his neck. Eugene has a dimpled chin and an easy smile. He can typically be found dressed in a crumpled t-shirt and shorts- usually hand me downs from his older brother.


Eugene is the product of a brief relationship between muggleborn Abigail Harris and a truck driver from Arizona- Eric Hardie. Eugene’s relationship with his father is limited to occasional phone calls, the odd envelope of cash turning up in the mail and annual summer visits to his paternal grandmother's home. He lives with his mother and her partner Jeb in California with his half-siblings. Eugene has not had much contact with the wizarding world as Abigail rarely performs magic and prefers to remain rooted in the muggle community. Prior to attending RMI Eugene was homeschooled.