Tycho Leppit


Written By Casey

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Tycho is a bit of a firecracker. He’s very excitable and easily distracted, and he has the energy for about fifty people. While he can be quite dumb in many regards (mostly socially), he is of fair intellect academically and performs fairly well in school, especially in science class. (He just doesn’t like to spread that around because he isn’t a nerd.) He is incredibly friendly and warm, but definitely enjoys some good hijinks from time to time. Tycho is more of a follower than a leader unless the topic or situation involves something about which he is passionate, in which case his hotheadedness and impulsivity are likely to over. As anyone who has ever met him can attest, Tycho is also quite messy and can be rather irresponsible.


Primarily taking his features from his mother, Tycho has mischievous blue eyes and a splattering of freckles across his cheeks and nose. He has blonde hair which he keeps at a somewhat shaggy length for as long as he can avoid his mother’s snippy scissors or deceptions that lead him to a hair salon. His mouth has a natural downward turn at the corners, but it is hardly noticeable because he is almost always actively smiling or laughing. He is a little chunky with remaining baby fat, and he is currently a touch under average in height for his age, although he promises growth if the Leppit family genes are truly as dominant in him as they appear.


Tycho Maximilian Riley Leppit is the firstborn son of RMI alumna Addi Leppit. Born from a relationship involving a wealthy pureblood heir, his father was not able to be present in his life, and as such, Tycho has grown up primarily in the care of a single mother, although there has been no shortage of help from his uncles, grandparents, and godfather, etc. The first few years of his life were spent at RMI, where his mother was employed after her graduation, until her termination, at which time they returned to her hometown of New York City. His uncle Anthony moved in with them when he began attending college there, and while Tycho was still fairly young, they acquired another roommate: Addi’s old friend Reece Campbell. In the years since, Reece and Addi’s relationship has become romantic, and Reece is now Tycho’s primary father figure. They are not married, but Reece is the father of Tycho’s baby brother Lysander, as well as the younger sibling who, at the time of Tycho’s departure for RMI, was still on the way. He might call Reece “Dad” at this point if it weren’t weird since he doesn’t even call Addi “Mom”.