Sadie Embers


Written By Cassandra

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Not that she would openly admit this, because admitting it would weaken her power, but Sadie is relatively manipulative. She has a tendency to insert herself into conversations if she’s been eavesdropping and the content catches her interest. It also isn’t uncommon for her to try and steer an event to her advantage or interest. Sadie is very vocal and isn’t afraid to show it, which can sometimes lead to her forgetting to think about the opinions and/or feelings of others before blurting out her own. These (alleged) faults don’t bother her much, though, because she thinks she’s pretty damn cool. She’s fiercely loyal to her friends and family, probably to a fault, and can be both entertained by mayhem and cause mayhem. Sadie is so excited to finally be at a fully magic school, and she cannot wait to get away with stuff with her and her friends from home, Tycho Leppit and Elliot Phippen, because she has family on staff.


Sadie has tan skin, brown eyes, and a huge smile that’s only dwarfed by the size of her wild sandy brown kinky curls. She has an expressive face, which can often get her into trouble. It makes it pretty easy to tell what she’s thinking most of the time. It’s very common for her mom to tell her “Fix your [expletive] face” when they’re arguing in public. Or just whenever they aren’t getting along and Sadie catches an attitude. It’s often. Just so often. Anyway, Sadie’s an athletic kid, and her build reflects that. She has lean muscles and tends to lean towards clothes that are easy to move in, like layered tank tops, athletic leggings, or joggers. She does enjoy experimenting with lots of different styles, though, and likes being dressed up and fashionable. She has plenty of fancy sneakers, which she immediately had charmed to stay permanently clean.


For as long as she can remember, Sadie has lived with her mom, Cosette Embers. She's aware that she's clearly not Cosette's child - given a few distinct differences in appearance - but she never thinks of the Aquila alum as anything but her mom. They moved around a bit, but she had a really fun childhood and the two found some consistency when Cosette started dating Hayden Young. From Cosette's relationship with Hayden, Sadie suddenly gained a huge family. She has a little sister named Bobbie (from Hayden's first marriage with another RMI Lyra alum, Christabel Phippen) and is eagerly awaiting the birth of her brand new sister. They’re not sure if the baby is going to come before or after Sadie goes to RMI. She’s really hoping it’s before or else she’s gonna be super mad at the baby. She looks up to Hayden and thinks he’s really awesome. He taught her to read braille. She’s had a really happy and easy life leading up to attending Rocky Mountain International, and she’s sure it’s just going to get better from here.